How To Care For Curly Hair

Many straighten their hair because they are dissatisfied with the “curling” of the strands, claiming frizz, brittle and opaque hair. Thinking about it we separated some tips so that your curly hair is valued and you can parade around with a beautiful look.

How To Care For Curly Hair

curly hair

– Cleaning is essential: it is useless to use and abuse creams and conditioners (this also cannot, we will talk more below) if your hair is not clean. Therefore, use shampoos to keep it free of dirt at all times. The shampoo is also responsible for giving the curls a natural life;

– Excessive creams: curly hair already has a pre-disposition to be oily, so use creams only on the length and ends. Using them on the roots can cause a sharp drop in the hair;

– Hydration: every 15 days if the hair is in need. Once a month for normal hair. Excessive hydration can break the hair;

– Volume:the best method is to use products without rinsing or hydrating. In the case of chemical procedures, look for a specialized professional;

– Hair cut:opt for a peaked cut made in layers;

– Combing the wires:use wooden combs, with thick teeth (with a large space between them);

And remember: there is no beautiful curly hair without care.

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