Hair Loss Symptoms, Treatment, Causes and Prevention

woman hair loss

The loss of hair is a type of problem by which usually all the men and women suffer. In some women and men, the hair loss is in this severe situation which they suffer from total or partial baldness. Usually, the head of hair losses in women will also be frequent like males only but due to some differences in hormones males suffer more than ladies.

Hair Loss Symptoms, Treatment –

woman hair loss

Some of the typical causes of the loss of hair are bad nutrition, some medications, stress due to some sickness, some chemicals, some trauma, and male pattern baldness.

Some uncommon causes of baldness are failure of the liver, failure of kidney, issues because of hormones, cancers, bad blood flow, infections like syphilis as well as skin illness like lupus.

Some of the symptoms of hair loss:

  • Because of to increase in the symptoms of the loss of hair many people discover broken or complete length head of hair on their pillow or within their hairbrush or comb.
  • Whilst performing the comb lots of hair sticks towards the comb by itself every time.
  • Whilst looking in a mirror numerous people discover the loss of hair.
  • While performing ponytail a woman might feel a reduction in her head of hair by observing the decreasing size of her ponytail.
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Different natural remedies are there which will help in the prevention and cure of the loss of hair. Meals, vitamins, and minerals play an important role to get over this issue. Taking proper care of your hair is vital to avoid baldness.

  • Vitamins are very important to maintain our head of hair healthy. For the head of hair follicle sebum is an important lubricant. Sebum is created when vitamin A functions with zinc and silica. In absence of sebum, there’s a thickening of the scalp, dandruff, and dry head of hair which outcome in loss of head of hair.
  • Mineral also plays a huge role in curing the loss of hair. So it is really necessary to add minerals in what you eat. A trace of mineral silica is essential for the growth of healthy hair. Usually, a lot of Americans lack this diet.
  • Eating chickpeas is essential to avoid the loss of hair. Eating chickpeas regularly is just like killing two birds with one stone. Basically, for healthy hair, you need vitamin B-6 and zinc. You receive both the points from chickpeas. Zinc is very helpful and also important in creating hair protein.
  • You might utilize the white of an egg mixed with lemon and gram flour mixed with lemon or curd to prevent the loss of hair. Lemon itself will also perform as it reduces dandruff and therefore prevents the loss of hair.

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