Male Pattern Baldness – How you can Cure It?

Hair Loss is a very serious problem. When your hairs fall, you feel upset about it and you resist attending events and you try to ‘hide’ yourself to some extent. In this article, we will talk about a specific type of hair fall.

Male Pattern Baldness – Studies show that nearly all the hair loss cases occur due to this pattern of baldness. It is also known as ‘Androgenetic Alopecia’. It occurs mostly in men, but women are also affected due to this problem. There are different types of hair loss reasons and some of them are reversible, but the male pattern hair loss tends to be permanent. It attacks in a typical pattern on the scalp. In this condition, hair fall occurs at the top of the head and going backwards.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness –

This condition involves both the hormonal and genetic factors – the testosterone hormones and the Dihydrotestosterone contribute to the baldness. The main reason behind this condition is hereditary and when it begins at an early age, the hair loss is more severe.

The Symptoms of Pattern Baldness –

The symptoms can be visible at the hairline, it recedes forming an ‘M’ shape and the hairs start becoming finer and shorter. And, the hairline’s top meets the thinned crown – a horseshoe can be seen around the sides.

Also, hair loss in patches, breaking of hair shafts, hair fall with scaling, redness and pain can be seen.

The Treatment –

The prevention of this condition is not known yet, but the treatment is possible.

1. Hair Transplantation – This is a very popular male pattern baldness treatment. With this treatment, healthy hair follicles are transferred to the balding area from a donor site. The follicles are used as ‘plugs’ of one to two hairs from the back or sides of the head and transplanted in the balding area and the hairline is reconstructed slowly. These follicles are generally permanent. Using full hair is good for transplantation. There are certain risks with this kind of treatment, so it is better to consult the Doctor before using it.

2. Wigs – With this treatment of pattern baldness, hair pieces are custom made for covering up the balding area, but the hairs may fade after sometime, so it is required to clean the scalp regularly.

The Natural Treatments –

Healthy Diet – In order to produce thick and healthy hair, it is required that you eat healthy foods – have the essential vitamins and minerals like iron, biotin, magnesium, zinc, copper and vitamin B6 in your diet. It works well for this pattern of baldness.

Essential Oils – These oils are very useful for this purpose. Cedar wood, Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary are popular herbal remedies. It is advised to apply these remedies with the carrier oils like grape seed and jojoba oil.

Preparation – With three drops of the ‘base oil’, mix around 4 teaspoons of grape seed oil and a half teaspoon of the jojoba oil. Massage the oil to the scalp for two minutes.

Also, there are things like – Herbal Shampoos and Home Remedies that work effectively for this problem.

So, if you are affected with this hair loss, problem, then there is no need to be worried of, you can easily get treated.

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