Why Moisturize your Hair?

Hair moisturize

Taking care of hair is not just about washing it frequently, with shampoo and conditioner, and combing it with cream. Due to the damage caused by the wind, pollution, dye, brushes and flat iron we do, the threads need some constant care to remain bright and strong, such as hydration.

In the summer these precautions should be even greater, as it is when we spend more time exposed to the sun, the chlorine in the pool and the salt water of the sea.

All of these factors end up opening the scales of the hair cuticle and the water molecules that hydrate the strands are released, making the hair dry, opaque and with strands that easily break.

What Hydration Does

To reverse this situation, the most common is to resort to hair hydration, which brings back important nutrients responsible for making hair soft, shiny and also for helping its growth. In addition, hydration acts on the dried scales and closes them, which lessened that creepy aspect of the hair.

Types of Hydration

Hair moisturize

If you choose to hydrate at a beauty salon, your hairdresser will help you choose the one that best suits your needs. As the salons use deep hydration products, with exclusive sale to establishments, the application must be made by a trained professional, who knows the correct way to apply the product.

Homemade Hydration Tips

When bathing, mix all of them with 1 spoon (coffee) of silicone, efficient in combating split ends and frizz. Keep the bathroom closed to retain the steam, which will be useful in the process, pass this mixture on the hair and wrap it in a plastic hole. When you are finishing the bath, remove the product. You will notice that the strands have become softer and healthier.

– Another option is the avocado mask, in which you will mix 1 tablespoon of the fruit with the conditioner you use and apply it to your hair, leaving 5 to 10 minutes. This method ensures that the hair is untangled and hydrated.

– Yogurt is another food that moisturizes the threads and the procedure is the same used in the avocado mask: add 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt with your conditioner, leave on the threads for a few minutes and rinse.

Tips for Good Hydration

In addition to choosing Folexin supplement that is suitable for your type of hair and correctly following the manufacturer’s guidelines, without changing any process on your own, you must also prevent the product from being applied to the hair root, massaging the hair well during application and do not exceed the period indicated for the product to rest on the hair. This care not only makes you achieve great results, but also prevents the hair against any adverse effect.

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