Vintage Finger Wave Hairstyles to Try in 2019

Finger waving is a classy hair styling option that consists of shaping hair into s-shaped waves that remain all day long and provide you with an elegant look. These hairstyles have become so popular after many Hollywood stars appeared with them on the red carpet. vintage finger waves 2019Nowadays they are used as stunning formal hairstyles. Finger waves are usually worn on short hair starting from the roots, but they look luxurious on long haircuts as well. If you are interested in the glamorous vintage finger wave hairstyles for 2019 then be inspired right here.

Long Finger Wave Hairstylelong finger waves 2019It is obvious that finger wave hairstyles are easier to get on straight or slightly wavy hairstyles. Curly hair should be chemically straitened after which you can achieve finger waves. If you plan to have them on your long hair you’d better avoid layered cuts. Finger waves are best reflected on smooth and healthy hair. They bring out the shine of your hair color and gift you a fabulous look. Monotone colored hair either in dark or light shade is the ideal condition to have a flawless result.long finger wavesSide Pulled Finger Wavesside pulled finger waves 2019Are you thinking of a luxurious, glamorous and very feminine hairstyle for a wedding party? Opt for this lovely side pulled finger wave hairdo. It’s a fantastic idea especially for brides who have long luscious locks.

Bob Hairstyle with Finger Wavesfinger waves 2019As I have already mentioned above finger waves are perfect for longhair as well as for short haircuts. You can achieve voluminous finger waves on your short bob haircut. After styling you can pull your side hair behind your ear to bring out your face features. This hairstyle best works with retro makeup.

Short Hair with Finger Wavesshort hair with finger waves 2019Even the short pixie haircut is ready to be styled into a vintage cool hairstyle. As the waves start from the very top of your hair your hairstylist can easily provide you with a sleek, neat and eye-catching finger wave pixie hairstyle. Just rock it for formal parties.

Finger Wave Updo Hairstylefinger waves updo 2019Between so many updo hairstyle finger wave updos look original and fascinating. They are delightful in their voluminous style and look better with curled ends. After you are done with the top part waving the rest of your hair can be styled into another curly hairstyle which, in its turn, should be gathered into a low messy updo. If you have long side bangs you can make them wavy as well.



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