Lovely Updo Hairstyle Ideas: Oscars 2019

The biggest Hollywood night held on February 28 has already unveiled the most and the best, and we are glad to see our favorite actors and actresses so happy and lucky. However the thing that most of all interests us is their hairstyles and hair colors. What they prefer for this or that year allows us to predict the latest trends. And while many are admired by the loose and down long or short hairstyles we are here to offer you cool updo hairstyles for 2019. Steal the best looks of stunning celebrities and create your own unique style.Oscars 2019 celebrity updo hairstylesRooney Mara Three-Pronged Updo

What an imposing and original hairstyle! Well, this is Rooney and we are not surprised to see her in a cool sleek, tight and glam hairstyle. In spite of the fact that she has a cool complexion and light eyes but she prefers to wear dark jet black hair which enhances the beauty of her sparkling skin. The hairstyle, itself is a cool cozy three-pronged updo that brings out her facial features and face shape. It is ideally complimented with a subtle and flashy makeup.ROONEY MARA Oscars 2019 sleek updo hairstyleOlivia Wilde Braided Chignon Hairstyle

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of Olivia’s braided chignon. Her fresh-colored brunette hair with light highlights is in the most suitable and ideal state for such a cute hairdo. It’s more than obvious that braids look delightful on highlighted hair and Olivia’s hairstylist has made the right choice. It’s a great combo of a milkmaid braid and a low braided bun. Try it out once and you’ll fall in love with your own cute look.OLIVIA WILDE braided updo hairstyle oscars 2019Alicia Vikander Half-Updo Hairstyle

It seems as if the Best Supporting Actress winner Alicia Vikander has decided to capture hearts with her girlish and innocent princess look. She looks like Bell from Disney. Her half-bun hairstyle is a simple yet dainty one for young ladies who are getting prepared for their date night or prom party. It’s pretty, youthful and so girlish.ALICIA VIKANDER hairstyle oscars 2019Daisy Ridley Tight Knot Hairstyle

According to the professional celebrity hairstylist Robert Vetica who has created Daisy’s hairdo, it is a bit edgy and futuristic tight bun that draws attention to the face and keeps all eyes on it. The sleek effect on the top part makes hair glossier in spite of its dark black hue. The rest is gathered into a comfy knot which keeps all hair out of the face and shows off her pretty makeup.DAISY RIDLEY hairstyle oscars 2019Kerry Washington High Ponytail Hairstyle

At the Oscars 2019 Kerry was a real power-lady. Her classy tight leather bodice, stunning eye makeup and high ponytail with a retro inspired bouffant is a great look for formal parties. The created loose, thick and soft waves on the tail make the hairstyle dressy and far from being casual.Kerry Washington High Ponytail Hairstyle



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