Braided Hairstyle Inspiration from Fashion Shows 2019

Need an inspiration for new braided hairstyles? Have a look at our string of runway braided hairstyles for 2019. The following stunning hairstyles are brand new and are going to become the favorites of celebrities. braided hairstyles 2019They are pretty, super feminine and convenient at the same time. From the simplest to the most complicated braiding solutions you can choose the styles you like most.

Desert BraidDesert Braid 2019New braided hairstyle offered by Mara Hoffman fashion show is here with its messy and bubble-looking effect. It’s a thick-looking braid that you can wear on your long thin hair to add some fullness and volume to it. Here hairstylists have used kneading technique in order to loosen the braid and to give a cute bubbly effect.

Simple Messy Braid Hairstylemessy simple braid 2019During Michael Kors’s fashion shows we were inspired by the messy simple braid achieved on slightly wavy hairstyles. It reminds us of the trendy boho style and has a glam touch in it with the reasonably added hair extensions and layers that give more shagginess to the hairdo. The result is cool just in its messy form.

Exaggerated French Braid Hairstylethick fishtail braid 2019Lately we see an influential tendency of wearing fishtail braids in new ways. This one is an example from Suno’s latest collections. It’s an exaggerated French braid that seems to be a mixture of simple and fishtail braids. Its visual thickness is ideal especially for straight, sleek and thin locks.loose French braid for 2019Fishtail Braid with HighlightsMarco de Vincenzo fishtail braid 2019Another way to liven up your fishtail braid is adding highlights of various vibrant hues. Here you see the brand fishtail braid by Marco de Vincenzo. These multicolored ribbons that seem to be real highlights for hair make a monotone fishtail braid rather playful and eye-catching. The combo is really very sophisticated and original.

Rope Braid Hairstylerunway rope braid 2019Rope braid? What is it? It’s a twisted braid hairstyle shown by Donna Karan. The hairstyle is a bit complicated braid that looks very classy and elegant. It is ideal for long locks. It is created by four strands of hair and it involves the participation of two hairstylists to be achieved properly.

Pigtail Braidsrunway pigtail braidsWe see pigtail braids in various fashion weeks and they are becoming more popular among young ladies. These simple, loose yet very comfy hairstyles are very girlish and tend to make you look younger.

Center Parting Braided HairstyleGiamba braided hair 2019A unique hair braiding solution was suggested by Giamba. During these fashion shows we saw cool center parting braids on long slightly wavy hairstyles. They are quite romantic and beautiful to be worn for special events.Giamba braided hair for 2019



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