10 Trendy Pixie Haircuts for 2019

It has a cute name and a cute structure as a hairstyle. It is one of the trendiest options among celebrities and it is the most requested hairstyles in 21st century. Why many women go for short, boyish pixie haircuts? What is so attractive in this cut? The reason is that pixie haircuts are very comfy, low-maintenance hairstyles that beautifully bring out female face features. These shortcuts provide a woman with another stylish look and make her feel more confident. In spite of its being so boyish, women find ways to soften it and here we will discuss top 10 trendy pixie haircuts for 2019. Before going for any haircut try to find the best option for you.trendy pixie haircuts 2019Short Pixie Haircut

There are simple styles in pixie haircuts that look very cute and stylish in their simplicity. These short pixie cuts bring out the face shape and the facial features and highlight the prettiness of a female face. The boyish short pixie is for women who have quite slender face shape and facial features.short pixie haircut 2019Short Pixie Haircut with Short Bangs

In order to soften your short pixie haircut you may add some short bangs. These bangs will not only break down the masculine touch in your hairstyle but will also draw more attention. They are styled in different ways and according to your taste you can go for various hairdos.short pixie with short bangs 2019Layered Pixie Haircut

Compared with many pixie haircuts layered cut allows you to go for many more hairstyles. You can style your hair into trendy pompadour, spiky or Mohawk hairstyles or you may rock it in a shaggy form.layered pixie haircut 2019Side Shaved Pixie Haircut

Side shaved pixie haircuts have a prominent masculine touch in them which should be broken down by longer top part. If you keep the top part a bit long you can curl or make it wavy and the result will be rather feminine. On the other hand side shaved haircuts allow you to get a unique two-tone hair coloring.side shaved pixie haircut 2019Pixie Haircut with Highlighted Bangs

Adding highlights to bangs is not a news but when it comes to short pixie haircuts they look different and quite fashionable. With the help of vibrant highlights you can make your short haircut more fascinating and eye-catching. Try to choose the most suitable highlights for your hair color.pixie haircut with highlighted bangs 2019Curly Pixie Haircut

Tired of taking care of your curls? Chop them off and feel the attractiveness of your new haircut. Short curly pixies are feminine enough to rock with too short sides and voluminous top part.curly pixie haircut 2019Ombre Pixie Hairstyle

Ombre style is cool for long hair as well as for short haircuts. It doesn’t matter you have a bob or a pixie haircut you may liven it up with the trendy ombre style.ombre pixie haircut 2019Pompadour Pixie Hairstyle

If many try to achieve the stylish Mohawk hairstyle on their longer haircuts then we try to get a fashionable pompadour on short pixie haircuts. This flashy hairstyle is easy to achieve on the short layers of your haircut.pompadour hairstyleAsymmetrical Pixie Haircut

Asymmetrical pixie haircuts are usually half pixie and half bob hairstyles in a quite short form. If you like to amuse your friends with your new transformations then try a short asymmetrical pixie haircut in 2019.asymmetrical pixie haircut 2019Blonde Pixie Haircut

Blonde is a subtle feminine shade that makes any haircut delicate, soft and seductive. It is a great choice for short haircuts and if you have a short pixie it’s time to refresh it with a new platinum blonde shade.pixie haircut in blonde 2019So, these are the most required pixie haircuts that you can consider for 2019. They are very eye-catching and astounding in their styles.



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