Hi Women, Oiling Hair is very rare these days when we all like dry hair. So make sure to apply Hair Oil at least two hours before you wash your hair. To know which oil is best for your hair keep on reading the full article on top 10 hair oils for hair growth:

5 Best Hair Oils for HAIR Growth and Healthy Hair

Hair growth

  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Mustard Oil

1.Grape seed Oil: Grape seed Oil is best to kill all the dandruff in your hair. This oil is best among 5 Best Hair Oils for HAIR Growth and Healthy Hair to be used in all the hair remedies that you use at home. eg. If you are making a hair mask you can use this oil as base because it will make all the ingredients of your hair recipe to get absorbed completely in your hair and scalp.

2.Neem Oil: Like grape seed oil neem oil is also best for treating dandruff and lice. It will kill almost all lice in your hair in just 2 applications. Also it protects your scalp from any infections or germs and make you feel refreshed. So this is best for dandruff among 5 Best Hair Oils for HAIR Growth and Healthy Hair

3.Tea Tree Oil: This oil is useful in hair as well as skin problems. Try mixing some drops of this oil in neem oil to treat lice and dandruff and you will see magical results in just 2 uses of this mixture. It also treats itchy scalp very well. So you must have this oil which is best for any scalp and skin infection among 5 Best Hair Oils for HAIR Growth and Healthy Hair.

4.Jojoba Oil: This oil is very much required for long hair or if you are looking for fast hair growth. It treats damaged hair and make them smooth and full of life.

5.Mustard Oil : This oil is usually very intense that’s why it give deep nourishment to your hair and scalp. Secondly it is easier to remove with shampoo compared to any other hair oils. So if you are looking for cheap and best alternative to hair care you can try applying this hair oil whole night or two hours before you wash your hair.

So friends, One thing that you need to always keep in mind that don’t forget to nourish your hair with one of these oils at least once in a weak, because this is the best way to keep your hair smooth, healthy and strong. Hope you like this post. If you do share it with your friends, like and comment below if you want to discuss anything on hair care. So feel free to try these 5 best hair oils for hair growth and healthy hair.

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