Trendy Short Haircuts for Mature Women

Today we’ll discuss not only short hairstyle ideas for mature women but will also offer some trendy hair colors for 2019. Here you are going to see the most ravishing hairstyles for you and will surely find your haircut and hair color. Since the majority of women over 50 have greys in their hair they do their best to hide this cool shade but while you hide it many young ladies reasonable dye their hair in silver hair color. The following examples will prove how stylish, subtle and astounding grey hair color is. But in case you just love to experiment with various hair colors we’ll offer other ideas too.

Messy Layered Bob Haircut in Silver Shademessy layered bob hairstyle 2019Volumized and more eye-catching effect for your hair can provide the messy layered bob hairstyle. It allows you to style your hair in various ways and if you are fond of girlish and cute hairstyles you may often curl it. As you see it’s very feminine and delicate in light grey hair color and doesn’t need additional coloring to look better. It’s delightful just the way it is.

Layered Bob Haircut in Blonde Hair Colorlayered bob haircut with subtle bangs 2019Another hair color for short layered bob is the stylish buttery blonde hair color. This makes your haircut warmer and can best work with medium skin tones. If you want to go for a layered bob haircut you may combine it with thin subtle bangs.

Shaggy Layered Bob Haircut in Burgundy Hair Colorshort layered bob in burgundy hair color 2019If you want to get a dramatic look due to your hairstyle this short shaggy bob haircut in hot burgundy hair color is for you. It’s a stunning hairstyle for women over 50 and loos very stylish with those side swept bangs.

Classy Pixie Haircutshort pixe haircut in grey 2019Sometimes the majority of mature women who choose too short haircuts need some lightness and coziness in their look. So, short pixie haircuts are not only comfy but also very classy hairstyles. They look nice eve in natural grey hair color and are great for any occasion. You can make style it into a spiky hairdo and enjoy the flashiness it brings in your appearance.

Short Shaggy Bob Haircut in Light Brown Hair Colorshort shaggy haircuts for women over 50 2019Light brown is a neutral shade for mature women and it easily hides greys. This color has a pretty shine in it that can be beautifully b reflected on short layered haircuts. This shaggy hairstyle will make you stand out from the crowd and will draw much attention to it.

Curly Bob Haircutcurly bob for women over 50 2019Long curls for a mature woman is sometimes headache. It looks dull and not so attractive. To liven it up and to refresh you need to chop off your locks. Short curly bob is one of the most fashionable options for you and it is not only convenient but also makes you look younger. In a word it is a girlish hairstyle.

Short Bob Haircut in Silver Hair Colorshort bob with side bang 2019Again referring to the natural grey hair color we represent another lovely haircut for it. If you have straight locks you may pick the trendy short bob haircut. Nowadays many young girls choose this haircut and as a result they look cuter. As for women over 50 it is ready to provide you with a spiffy and subtle look.



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