Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers

Ponytails are the best friends of my schoolgirls who are always in a hurry and want to look awesome anyway. But if you are tired of the same pony hairdo then this article is for you. Discover new styling ideas for your simple ponytail hairstyle and surprise your friends with your stylish hairdos. Now check the following ponytail hairstyles for teenagers.

Low Loose Ponytail with Ribbonsloose low ponytail with ribbonsIf you ask your grandmother about the headband she has used to tie her hair she will show you her old ribbons in gloomy colors. Today the variety of colorful, vibrant and subtle ribbons gives you the opportunity of embellishing your low loose ponytail in a cuter way. Instead of using a hair elastic or any other simple hair tier you can choose nice ribbons for your pony and create a bow headband for it.

Low Side Ponytail Hair Bowlow side ponytail hair bowWell, if you need a more creative approach to your bow hairstyle then have a look at this amazing low side pony hair bow hairstyle. It does look creative and has a touch of more attractiveness in it. It is more beautiful with curly ends that seem to complete the hairstyle.

Fishtail Ponytail Hairstylefishtail ponytail hairstyle 2019The combination of the trendy fishtail and ponytail will provide you with a cozy hairstyle for windy and rainy days. This is also convenient for messy hair as it keeps all your hair in a tight and neat form. So, opt for it for a tidier look.

Lace Braided Ponytail lace braided ponytail hairstyle 2019For prom or for other parties you may choose the below shown lace braided ponytail if you have long thick hair. It will show off the charm of your locks and will look very flashy. This hairstyle reminds us of Disney princesses who often appear with braided hairdos at balls.

Twisted Ponytail Hairstyletwisted ponytail hairstyle 2019Thick and healthy locks are always the most requested things in twisted hairstyles. These twists tend to bring out all the shine of your locks. They are used in different hairstyles are considered as quite tight hairdos. Here you see a nice twisted ponytail hairstyle decorated with a delicate hair accessory. You can wear it for birthday parties and rock the day with your charming look.

Sectioned Ponytail Hairstylesectioned ponytail hairstyleLately we often see sectioned ponytail hairstyles on catwalks and at fashion shows. This jasmine princess hairstyle is now very trendy and is quite easy to achieve on medium to long hair. According to your hair length you can create as many sections as you like on your pony. If you like you can even braid them into loose fishtail braids.

Low Knotted Ponytail Hairstylecreative kontted ponytailFor my lazy ladies I would like to suggest this awesome low knotted ponytail hairstyle. This is an easy and quick hairstyle when you are in hurry and don’t find your headband, hair clipper or bobby pins.



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