Spring 2019: Chic Casual Hairstyles

Thinking of new casual hairstyles matching the tender spring season? What about loose, a bit messy and natural-looking chic hairdos? Check out my collection of cool casual hairstyles for spring 2019 and use your own imagination to create more original and delightful spring hairstyles. This is the tenderest season that requires delicacy and subtleness. So, keep it natural and soft by all means.spring 2019 hairstylesBobby Pin Hairstyle

If you don’t know that bobby pins have made a real part in the fashion world then I am here to tell you that they are the biggest hair accessory trends for the moment. Even simplest bobby pins are sued as cool beauty tools. They allow you to use them the way you like in order to get girlish and cute hairstyle like the easiest side pinned hairdo. This lovely hairstyle is a good one for the windy spring season that pulls your bangs away.

10 Trendy Pixie Haircuts for 2019

It has a cute name and a cute structure as a hairstyle. It is one of the trendiest options among celebrities and it is the most requested hairstyles in 21st century. Why many women go for short, boyish pixie haircuts? What is so attractive in this cut? The reason is that pixie haircuts are very comfy, low-maintenance hairstyles that beautifully bring out female face features. These shortcuts provide a woman with another stylish look and make her feel more confident. In spite of its being so boyish, women find ways to soften it and here we will discuss top 10 trendy pixie haircuts for 2019. Before going for any haircut try to find the best option for you.trendy pixie haircuts 2019Short Pixie Haircut

There are simple styles in pixie haircuts that look very cute and stylish in their simplicity. These short pixie cuts bring out the face shape and the facial features and highlight the prettiness of a female face. The boyish short pixie is for women who have quite slender face shape and facial features.

Hottest Celebrity Hair Transformations in 2019

Following the latest transformations of celebrities we have found that that some stylish ladies from Hollywood have just change their look. The year has just started but the hairstyles and hair colors worn by these women grab attention. They are on the top discussed lists and everyone is admired by the best looks. Check out the hottest celebrity hair transformations in 2019 and decide who has achieved the most pleasing result.celebrity hair makeovers 2019Iggy Azalea Coral Hair

Who could ever imagine that after so many ravishing blonde shades Iggy would go for a bright coral hair color. She has deputed it in February 2019 and the result is quite astounding. It works well with her complexion and makes her cute eyes pop out so beautifully. The fresh coral tint on the high messy bun hairstyle has a kind of pastel touch in it which softens and breaks down and harshness.

Gorgeous Braided Bun Hairstyles for 2019

Being one of the oldest updo hairstyles bun has many advantages which make it a required and stunning hairstyle. Ladies with medium to long haircuts often refer to this cozy style to keep front strands out of the face as well as to look more elegant. One of the most important benefits of bun hairstyles is that they are ideal for any occasion. You can find as many casual and festive ideas as you like. These hairstyles are cool date night, prom and dressy styles for young ladies and they tend to make mature women look younger. This time the turn is for the most gorgeous braided bun hairstyles to try in 2019. Be inspired by the fancy braided buns.braided bun hairstyles 2019Low Casual Braided Bun Hairstyle

Compared with the simple bun hairstyle the braided bun is tighter and comfier. It keeps your locks neat and tidy and is easy to achieve. The following low messy braided bun is a cute casual hairstyle.

2019 Runway Inspired Hairstyle Ideas for Pixie Haircuts

We really enjoy the ravishing solutions for modern pixie haircuts that professional hairstylists use while styling models’ hair. Today pixie is the biggest trend among short haircuts for women and though it has a boyish touch in it but with the help of subtle hair colors, haircuts and styles it looks girlish and very soft. If you have gone for a short and harsh pixie haircut then you will surely like these cute hair styling ideas for your striking style. Check out the following pixie hairstyles from 2019 runway shows.pixie hairstyles for 2019Platinum Blonde Hair Color for Pixie Haircuts

One of the best matchings for pixie haircuts is the platinum blonde hair color. It goes even with warm and da complexions and black ladies with short pixie haircuts can soften their hairstyle and lighten up their complexion with this trendy shade. Platinum blondes tend to make your hair very subtle and shiny. In order to add a more fashionable touch to it, you can combine it with grey hair colors. Before going for a light blonde hair color consult with your hair colorist to take the suitable shade as platinum blonde has both whitish and yellowish hues.

5 Subtle Light Blonde Hair Colors for 2019

It goes without saying that the lighter your hair color the more delicate your hairstyles will be. Blonde is the shade which beautifully showcases curls, braids and twisted hairstyles. However it’s dainty in straight styles too. The most important thing in healthy hair is its shine and shade. If your hair color tends to add extra-shine to your locks then you are going to sparkle with a new and fancy touch in your appearance. Blonde is the shade that can lighten up your complexion and highlight the beauty of your pale skin tone. Here collected light blonde hair colors for 2019 will help you find the most flattering shade for your skin tone and eye color. Keep on reading to discover the 5 prettiest celebrities who rock light blonde hues in 2019.light blonde hair colors for 2019Reese Witherspoon Light Buttery Blonde Hair Color

One of the matte hair colors between zillions of blonde shades is the buttery blonde. It is either in yellowish or whitish hues. Reese Witherspoon has worn a light buttery blonde hair color both with whitish and yellowish touches. It ideally goes with her skin tone and light eyes. The curly side parted retro hairstyle perfectly brings out the lavishing fresh blonde shades and makes hair look so healthy.

Best Hairstyles from Paris Spring 2019

Discover the prettiest hairstyles from Paris Spring 2019 fashion weeks. We are already captured by the best ideas which grab attention with their prettiness and elegance. It goes without saying that several fashion houses represent just nonsense hairstyles which are far from being beautiful but some are just smart, dressy and refined. Here are collected those stunning hairstyles. Check them out to try in 2019.Paris fashion 2019 hairstylesBalmain Spring 2019: High Ponytail Hairstyle

This posh look called warrior princess is one of the best hairstyles that we saw in Paris these days. It is the signature hairstyle of Balmain worn by all the models. Classy women will surely like its stunning look and effect on long tresses.

 2019 Celebrities with Faux Undercut Braid Hairstyles 

Creating an illusion of an undercut hairstyle with side braids is one of the most popular ideas among celebrities. They like to play with our minds with their new and creative transformations. Each time we see a short or side shaved hairstyle we wonder if it is the ordinal hair illusion or not? Lately many celebrities appear with faux undercut braids in the public eye. While they are busy by grabbing more attention or being so discussed, faux undercut braids are becoming more and more popular. They are worn on long straight and wavy hairstyles and being pure Afro-American hairstyles are being stolen from black ladies. Whatever it is, it really makes sense and looks fascinating.  Let’s check out several faux undercut braids to try in 2019.faux undercut braid hairstyles 2019Jessica Alba Faux Undercut Braid Hairstyle

We all know how much Jessica loves to straighten her locks. It suits her very much and brings out the fresh shades which she picks for her healthy hair. However this time she decided to combine her casual straight hairstyle with festive and interesting side braids which create fake undercut effect. In spite of being such a bold hairstyle it still looks so soft and subtle on beautiful ombre hair.

Elegant Celebrity Hairstyles from Golden Globe 2019

The first big fashion event that we saw in 2019 was the Golden Globe. During this party, we have been inspired by the most beautiful looks and hairstyles of celebrities all over Hollywood. Now it’s the time for us to copy the most fascinating looks for our upcoming parties. It was quite interesting that the majority of celebs were in long and elegant dresses which were harmoniously combined with trendy hairstyles. Well, here are the best celebrity hairstyles from Golden Globe 2019.celebrity hairstyles Golden Globe 2019 Jennifer Lopez Sleek Side Parted Hairstyle

During this event Jennifer was in a long yellow dress which was very eye-catching. She has combined it with a classy side combed medium hairstyle. In order to achieve it her hairstylist has used hair cream and waxes which make hair quite easy to style into sleek straight hairdos. After applying it all over hair he/she has comb a huge part of hair to one side. It frames her face fantastically and makes her look younger.

2019 Best Red Hair Color Ideas

Red hair color with many bright and dark shades is now in thing. Today hair colorists offer more interesting and attractive red shades for hair. Actually red is a great hair color for any haircut be it short, long, straight or curly. These inspiring red hair colors for 2019 are the best options for those who look for a new eye-catching hue for their tresses.red hair colors for 2019 Ginger Red Hair Color

Ginger red is considered the most natural-looking shade of red. There are a few women who have naturally ginger red hair colors. If you have a light complexion with pink undertones you can wear this hair color on your locks. It compliments light eyes and looks very beautiful with natural-looking slightly wavy hairstyles.