Coolest Layered Hairstyles

When layered haircuts knocked the doors of the fashion world they were the most expected hairstyles that are still in great demand. These hairstyles are meant for all lengths and are very cozy for any type of hair. Here you can see the popular and the coolest layered hairstyles.

Long Layered Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangslong layered hairstyle with side swept bangsBangs are perfect for layered hairstyles. If the thing is about long layers then choose long side swept bangs. Those bangs are both trendy and spiffy for long haircuts. They are nice especially for straight hair.

Long Layered Wavy Hairstylelong layered hairstyleLong layered haircut can be styled in delightful ways making hair look more voluminous and thus, very flashy. You can get a fantastic wavy hairstyle which is more beautiful than the one archived on super straight hairstyle.

Curly Layered Hairstylecurly layered hairThough layers are not so noticeable on natural curly hairstyles but they are also beautifully reflected in it. As a result you get a more eye-catching hairstyle and the additional volume brought by the layers gives you more hair styling ideas.

Medium Layered Haircutmedium layered hairMedium layered hairstyles are the favorite hairstyles of women over 40. They are loved because of their cozy length and attractiveness. If you haven’t changed your long hairstyle yet, then go for a medium layered haircut.

Short Layered HaircutShort Layered HaircutThere are fabulous pixie haircuts that are more beautiful in layers. These short layers make the top part of hair fuller and therefore are ideal for fine and thick locks. If you have such hair then while choosing a pixie haircut definitely consider the layered pixie.

Layered Bob Hairstylelayered bob hairstyleAnother short hairstyle for thin hair is the layered bob. It’s very trendy these days and is a wonderful length to style in different ways. If you like you can combine it with fringes for fuller look.

Layered Hairstyle with Straight Bangslayered hair with straight bangsChoose straight bangs for your layered haircuts if you have a lob or a longer layered hairstyle. These bangs beautifully conceal your forehead and add a mysterious ouch to your look. They perfectly work with layers.

Highlighted Layered HairstyleHighlighted Layered hairstyleWe have devoted a special article to highlights of layered hairstyles and here we’ll mention some trendy ones. So, choose caramel highlights for a classy look, try pastel shades for a dolly appearance and go for vivid pixel highlights if you seek for a dramatic hairstyle. All these highlights are very stylish for 2019 and they look better particularly on layers.

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