Wavy Hair Inspiration for 2019

Natural wavy hairstyles are chic in any length of hair be it short or long. Waves create a girlish and very feminine effect on your hair. Even if you have straight hair you can find many ways to style it into a wavy hairdo. If you want to add more charm to your waves you may chop it off or dye in a stylish shade or just add some trendy highlights. There are thousands of ideas but today we’ll discuss the most stylish wavy hairstyles for 2019.

Vintage Wavy Hairstyleretro wavy hairstyle 2019Vintage wavy hairstyle is generally created by finger waves. These are smooth and neat waves that are far from looking messy and natural but have a classy touch in them. Try finger waves on long hairstyles as well as on short haircuts for special occasions in 2019.

Layered Wavy Hairstylelong wavy layered hairstyleIf you already have a layered haircut you can often go for a wavy hairstyle as layers look more attractive in wavy styles. They add volume and depth to your hair and can be chosen by girls who have thin hair. With the help of layered waves your hair will look fuller.

Wavy Hairstyle with Side Braidswavy hairstyles with braids 2019The afro inspired tight baby braids or box braids on one side of hair make your hairstyle look like a side shaved hairdo. With the rest of your loos hair you can get a wavy hairstyle which goes with braids. So, this is a fascinating and trendy hairstyle to wear for different parties.

Wet-Look Wavy Hairstyle

wavy wet look hair As for wet-looking hairstyles we can say that many long-haired Hollywood stars sport it with the combination of wavy hairstyles. The result is eye-catching and trendy.

Wavy Side Swept Hairstyleside swept wavy hairstyle 2019Women who already know the charm of side swept hairstyles surely opt for it on their long hair. Compared with side swept straight hairstyles side wavy and curly hairdos are much more beautiful. They bring out all the shine of your hair color and make you look girlish.

Short Wavy Hairstyleshort wavy hairstyle 2019As I have already mentioned above short hairstyles are also stylish in wavy styles. You can opt for waves if you need more volume for your short bob or pixie haircut. So, in case you don’t have a natural short haircut you can curl it into loose curls which will provide you with a wavy hairstyle.

Boho Wavy Hairstyleboho wavy hairstyle 2019Compare boho waves with standard wavy hairstyles. Do they look unique in their messy style? Yes, they are really carefree yet very pretty. These hairstyles are lovelier with different braids. Today boho hairstyles are very requested.



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