Updo Hairstyles for Curly Hair 2019

Styling curly hair is not always that easy as you have thick unruly locks that struggle against being gathered. Those locks “love” to be in loose forms and when you want to gather them your hands soon become tired. This is natural and since beauty requires sacrifices you should find the best hairstyles for your curly hair. In this post you’ll discover the secret of looking gorgeous with curly updo hairstyles for 2019. Just keep on reading.

Curly Side Ponytailcurly side ponytail 2019To gather curly hair quickly and easily you may opt for the simple side ponytail. This looks very tender especially if you combine it with side strands framing your face. Many celebrities often appear with this cute hairstyle on the red carpet. If you like you can pull aside your whole hair getting a side swept curly ponytail.

Curly Braided Updo Hairstylecurly braided updo hairstyleIf you are planning to attend for a party and don’t know what to do with your curly hair then style it into a braid. This great hairstyle can be fantastic particularly on highlighted curly hairstyle. Add some trendy highlights to your locks and get this stylish braided updo hairstyle for prom.

Double Bun Curly HairstyleDouble Bun Curly UpdoCurly hair is so voluminous and thick that it allows you to create double or even more buns on your hair at the same time. His is not that difficult and you can style it by yourself. As a result you will get a stunning updo that can be embellished with a flower accessory.

Curly Bow Bun Hairstylebow bun for curly hairFor teenagers that have curly hair and want to have it in an eye-catching updo I offer the trendy bow hairstyle. This is a girlish and very flashy hairstyle to rock on casual days as well as for parties. The bow bun is appropriate for long hair and unlike straight hairstyles curly bun can be achieved without teasing hair thanks to its volume.

Low Curly Tuck Updo Hairstylelow tuck updo for curly hair 2019This Greek goddess hairstyle is now so popular that each girl with thick hair styles it as a cozy, easy and classy hairstyle. As for curly hair I can say that you getting it on your hair is quite easy and won’t tame much time and effort to be ready.

Side Curly Updo Hairstyleside updo for curly hair 2019Another trendy updo hairstyle for 2019 is the side bun or side updo hairdo. It’s one of the most ravishing and cute hairstyle for any curly lady. You may rock it for prom, for wedding days and for formal meetings.

Loose Curly Updo HairstyleLoose Updo For Curly Hair 2019The looser your hair the more attractive it will look. Here is a loose curly updo hairstyle for various occasions. It’s perfect for date nights, for wedding parties and for any other special occasion. You just need simple bobby pins o get this awesome hairstyle.

Messy Curly Updo Hairstylemessy Updo For Curly Hair 2019For casual days when you want a simple yet beautiful hairstyle for your second day curly hair I suggest the following messy curly updo. You may choose it as a beach hairstyle as well as it tends to keep your hair out of your face and is a convenient one for hot summer days.

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