Trendy Pixie Cuts for 2019

It goes without saying that women look more feminine with long hairstyles than with short cuts but sometimes there are cases when a pixie cut enhances the female beauty more than the long hairstyle. Women who choose pixie cuts definitely know the power of these hairstyles and feel the touch of seduction it brings into their entire appearance. In this post you’ll see and learn the trendy pixie cuts for 2019 and if you have already decided to opt for this style then be careful in your choice.pixie cut 2019So, pixie haircuts are boyish hairstyles which may change your whole look and will make you look totally different. The uniqueness and the originality it has is transferred onto the wearers’ look. As a result you get a light, low maintenance and flashy hairstyle. But there is an important secret to keep in mind before you go for a pixie cut. Pixie best work with slender and very subtle face features. As they tend to provide you with a boyish look you should make sure you have very subtle face features and the appropriate face shape for the chosen cut. Only in this case the masculine touch will be broken. But if you have already chopped off your locks and are not satisfied with the result the best way to make your pixie look feminine and softer is dying it in a trendy hair color. Whatever you choose try to consult this issue with your hairstylist beforehand. Now, let’s see the trendy options of pixie cuts for 2019.

Curly Pixie CutCurly Pixie Cut Black women 2019Curly hair always need more refreshments than any other type of hair. This is the type that is usually heavy, unruly and thick. To make it look stylish, refreshed and lighter you are welcome to go for a pixie cut. The effect is very sophisticated and engaging.

Pixie Cut with Side Swept BangsPixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs 2019If you have straight hair and want to opt for a short pixie cut you may also combine it with fashionable side swept bangs. These nags are quite soft and can make your face features look subtler.

Pixie Cut for Black WomenPixie Cut for Black Women 2019

There are several cool hairstyle ideas for black women and one of them is the pixie cut. Many black celebrities sport pixie cuts in different styles and they often do touch ups to keep the fresh look of their stylish hairstyle. This looks good on curly hairstyles as well as on straight and wavy locks.

Platinum Blonde Pixie CutPlatinum Blonde Pixie Cut 2019Platinum blonde hair color is very required in 2019. It’s the shade that has been experimented by many Hollywood stars including even brunettes. Actually this cool hair color best works with short cuts and is perfect for any type of pixie haircut.

Fiery Red Pixie CutFiery Red Pixie Cut 2019Perhaps everyone remembers Rihanna’s red pixie cut which some time later became the most copied style among many stylish women. This bold hair color can make you stand out from the crowd and can bring more mystery into your style.



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