Trendy Layered Haircuts for 2019

You may have curly, straight, long or short hair which needs some refreshment in 2019. Layered haircuts could be the best solution for any type of hair be it thin or thick. We are glad to introduce the trendy layered haircuts for 2019 among which you can make your choice for your short or long hair. Here they are!layered haircuts 2019Short Layered Pixie Haircut

If you have decided to go for a short pixie haircut you may ask your hairstylist for a layered cut as short layers tend to add volume on the top part of your hair. No matter you have thin or thick hair these short layers will give you more hair styling opportunities.layered pixie haircut 2019Short Layered Bob Haircut

Short layered bob hairstyles usually have asymmetrical forms. They are eye-catching and attractive haircuts for any woman. You can create your own signature haircut by choosing a creative short layered bob haircut. If you like you can combine side half pixie and half bob haircuts due to short and long layers.short bob layered haircutLayered Wavy Medium Bob Haircut

Wavy hairstyles are quite voluminous hairdos to draw attention. They are lovelier in layered forms as layers allow you to style your medium length waves in different ways. If you opt for this medium layered bob haircut you can easily achieve a nice and formal wavy hairstyle on it.wavy layered bob 2019Medium Layered Straight Hairstyle

It’s time to refresh your long damaged hairstyle with medium layers. It will gift you a lob-looking hairdo which is very popular and required among both young ladies and mature women. This hairstyle is cooler for thick hair and looks fantastic in straight styles. If you choose medium layers try to get a classy look by straightening them.medium straight layered haircut 2019Long Layered Hairstyle

Curly or straight, your long hair will be more seductive in a trendy layered style. You can create messy, shaggy, boho, wavy and many other stylish hairstyles thanks to your long layers. If you like you can add some hot highlights to these layers to get a totally new and fresh hairstyle.long layered haircutLong Layered Hair With Side Bangs

Face framing side bangs are the most suitable bang haircuts for long layered hairstyles. Sometimes they seem as separate bangs and sometimes you feel as if they are mingled with your layers. This mixture is very playful and fascinating. You can side swept your bangs along with a huge part of your locks and get a super feminine hairdo. If you go for a wavy hairstyle you can curl your bangs as well into slight waves for a well-balanced look.layered hairstyle with side bangs 2019



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