Taylor Swift’s Bob Hairstyles to Try in 2019

The more we discover the trendy bob hairstyles the more we fall in love with it. This is a trendy style that has captured many female hearts and tends to highlight its wearer’s femininity. Many women have tried out the lovely bob haircut but the best results and experiments belong to fancy celebrities. One of them is Taylor Swift who always appears in girlish and super chic hairstyles. Here we have collected Taylor Swift’s best bob hairstyles for 2019. She continues to amuse us with her stunning hairstyles and we like to discuss them one by one.Taylor Swift bob hairtyles 2019 Taylor Swift Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

Taylor has a new haircut and it’s the represented short straight bob with blunt bangs. It takes us back to the 60’s when women first opted for the edgy short haircuts. There is also the modern touch of the French bob haircut and looks very pretty. Due to this lovely hairstyle now Taylor inspired many young ladies and remains a posh celebrity. It suits her face shape very much and draws attention to her shiny eyes.Taylor Swift 2019 bob hairstyle Taylor Swift Layered Bob Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Though Taylor has already changed her haircut but some previous bobs of her still remain very requested and popular. The layered straight bob with side swept bangs is a great idea for any woman who wants to experiment with a classy and simple bob hairstyle. It is a subtle one thanks to the soft side swept bangs and has and incredible attractiveness in it which is reflected on Taylor’s seductive face.Taylor Swift layered lob with side bangs 2019Taylor Swift Wavy Bob Hairstyle

This one is a festive and prom ready bob hairstyle for sure. It’s a glamorous combination of the elegant finger and casual beach waves. As you see her stylist has also focus on the bangs to bring to a possible eat wavy style and to draw attention to her eyes. All in all the hairdo is so exquisite due to the side parted style which adds extra-volume on the front part.Taylor Swift bob hairstyle wavy 2019Taylor Swift Short Faux Bob Hairstyle

There were times when Taylor used to have long curly hair but she liked to play with different playful hairstyles. One of the most memorable hairstyles worn o long hair is the short faux bob. Everyone was surprised to see her in this cute short hairstyle but later on it was revealed that it’s a fake bob. Actually this is the first experiment of Taylor in the world of bob hairstyles and the statistics show that she really fell in love with it. The soft and luscious curls look very natural and hide the fake nature of the hairstyle. They frame her gorgeous face so daintily.taylor swift short faux bob hairstyle 2019Taylor Swift Messy Bob Hairstyle

We love the celebrities who rock messy hairstyles for special occasions. They prompt us what is trendy and what is not. Since short messy hairstyles are in thing for 2019 here we offer you the voluminous, natural-looking messy bob worn by Taylor. Doesn’t it look glamorous and alluring? Actually the best thing about the messy bob is that it’s both casual and festive and you can sport it whenever and wherever.taylor swift messy bob hairstyle 2019



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