Taper Fade Haircuts for Men 2019

Among the popular creative men’s haircuts taper fade is considered as a trendy haircut for 2019. This haircuts allows men to go for different styles and designs. Today various versions of taper fade haircuts are available for all types of hair be it straight or curly. Their fascinating and clean look attracts many men and sometimes these hairstyles are combined with beards or facial hair designs. Here are the best men’s taper fade haircuts for 2019.

Spiky Fade Hairstylespiky fade hairstyle 2019Fade haircuts are generally a bit voluminous on the top part and shorter at the sides. This longer top part gives you the chance of creating a trendy spiky hairstyle. You can go for a messy spiky hairdo and it will make you quite attractive.

Fade Haircut with Facial Hairtaper fade haircuts with facial hair 2019Here you see a popular fade haircut combined with facial hair. The well-balanced cut gives an interesting look to the hairstyle and makes it look neater and cleaner. This is one of the best examples of taper fade hairstyles as here the gradual change of the haircut is noticeable enough.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle with Faded Sidesmen fauxhawk haircut with faded sides 2019

Nowadays Mohawk and faux hawk hairstyles are stylish both among men and women. But there are styles that are special for men and they require longer top part and too short even shaved side parts. Opting for this kind of faux hawk hairstyle you will look more masculine.

Low Fade Haircut for Natural Hairlow fade haircut for black men 2019Low fade is a great haircut especially for black men who have thick and curly hair. This hairstyle is cozy, classy and looks very neat. It’s an ideal hairstyle for men who want to bring out their facial features. If you like you can match it with beards.

Long Top Side Parted Fadelong top side parted fadeIt is not obligatory to have too short hair to get the taper fade hairstyle. You can achieve it on your longer hairstyles as well. All you need is just a sleek side combed top part with a visible fade haircut. Adding facial hair connected with your hairstyle you will get a perfect trendy fade hairstyle. This is one example of long fade hairstyle but there are plenty of ways to rock it.

Short Fade Haircut with Side Designsfade hairstyle with side designs 2019Short side parts are sometimes beautified with various designs. According to your taste you can choose any design you like and mingle it with your fade haircut.

Creative Taper Fade Haircutcreative fade haircut for men 2019Using your imagination you can always get a creative taper fade haircut. Have a look at this example; it’s unique in its style, design and even in hair color. If your hair type allows you to style it in a way you want then go ahead with your fantasy.

Unique Taper Fade Hairstyleunique fade haircut for men 2019Another creative and unique taper fade haircut is here for you. As you see it differs from the rest of styles with its new approach and fascinating style. It surely grabs attention and looks very tidy as a short haircut. The top part is a bit longer which, in its turn, gives you the chance of styling it in various ways.



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