Summer Hair Care Ideas

Summer is concerned to be a season for fun and enjoyable party times. But we can’t neglect hair care tips to protect it from harmful damages. Check out here all these hair care ideas and enjoy your summer with healthy and shiny tresses.embedded_hair_conditioning-620x439

One of the worst hair mistakes in the summer is jumping in the pool or beach without caring about your hair. To protect your hair from damages make sure to wet down your hair with fresh water before jumping in the pool. You can also wear swim cap to keep your tresses from direct contact with chlorine water. After swimming in the pool make sure to rinse your hair with clean water to wash out all chlorine from the strands. You need to use sulfate free conditioner before going in the pool or make sure to deep condition it after the visit. Chlorine can dry out your tresses and leave them look frizzy and dull.

Some ladies love to color the hair blonde in the summer season. But before going to blonde in the hot season you should start to prep your hair earlier to reduce damage of your hair. Use products that can lighten your hair gradually and be sure to find professional who specializes in color, particularly in blonde to have the best hair dying results.embedded_swimming_with_updo-620x444

Another bad enemy for your tresses in summer can be ultra violet rays that bleach your hair out.  Here are few tips to protect your hair from sun. First of all make sure to use summer hat or scarf. These are not only trendy to wear in summer but also can protect your hair from ultra violet rays. Try to keep your hair covered as much as possible to keep your healthy looking tresses. If you don’t like hats or scarves you can twist your hair up with the ends tucked in as a French twist or simply try chignon hairstyles. Don’t forget to use SPF products that prevent your hair from UV rays. There are numerous hairsprays, dry shampoos, oils and leave-in treatments containing SPF.



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