Stunning Retro Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair 2019

During 40’s and 60’s when women started to chop their hair off they also found out trendy ways to style their locks. Even those who had too short haircuts knew what to do with it to look fabulous. Today this style is back and many celebrities choose vintage hairstyles to beautify their short haircuts. Ladies who have short haircuts also look for new hair styling ideas especially for formal occasions. Let’s discover these stunning retro hairstyle ideas for short hair 2019.

Retro Curls for Short Bob Haircutshort bob hairstyle retro 2019 platinum blondeShort bob haircuts are usually quite glamorous hairstyles and adding a retro touch to it will make it look more luxurious. This haircut is nicer in monotone trendy shades like platinum blonde, espresso or red. If you dye your hair in one of these hues your hairstyle will have fresh and modern look. Then all you need to do with your locks is just curling and pinning your bangs to a side with a flashy hair accessory.

Retro Hairstyle for Pixie Haircutretro hairstyle for pixie haircut 2019If you have short pixie haircut and need to make it formal and elegant you may choose the retro style. Part your hair to a side and comb smoothing the surface. Then make the ends and the bangs wavy in a neat and tidy form. At the end you can embellish it with a cute accessory matching your outfit and makeup.

Short Haircut with Rolled Curlsvintage short haircut with rolled bangs 2019Rolled curls look like big curls that are awesome in any haircut. But they are lovely especially for short hairstyles and add an incredible touch to bob haircuts. For a more astounding look many eve roll the bangs in a stylish way so that it can complete the entire look of the hairstyle.

Retro Bob Hairstyle in Ombre Hair Colorombre curly bob hairstyle retro 2019Sometimes the right combination of the old and the new provides us with a unique and eye-catching look. Bob hairstyle can become so stylish with retro curls and ombre hair color which is one of the latest trends in the world of hair coloring. As you see these two styles perfectly work together creating the desired retro and modern mixture.

Finger Waves for Short Hair finger waves for short hair 2019Let’s consider finger waves as old but very beautiful hairstyles for all types of hair because today there are many curly and wavy styles for hair but finger waves differ from all of them. They are original and classy. Here you more neatness and smoothness and compared with today’s many messy hairstyles they are quite elegant.

Elegant Retro Hairstyle for Short Hairretro hairstyle idea 2019This is a super feminine hairdo created on short haircut. It’s a back rolled slightly curly hairstyle embellished with flower accessories. The chosen warm blonde hair color and the right retro makeup totally complete the style. You may opt for this hairstyle even for your wedding day.

Curly Hairstyle on Layered Pixie Haircutcurly layered pixie with short sides 2019Another great hairstyle for a layered pixie haircut with too short sides is the represented retro inspired curly hairstyle. To achieve it you need to have too short or shaved sides and voluminous, texturized top part which is full of layers. These layers should be curled ad fixed in their place with a hair spray. That’s it.



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