Short Runway Hairstyle Ideas 2019

The first experiments of new hairstyles are. Perhaps, done on the hair of stylish models who show off their beauty in the boldest ways. Between these hairstyles celebrities choose new hairdo ideas for themselves and sport some of them for different occasions. Later on ordinary people copy those hairstyles and haircuts. So, the most beautiful and stunning runway hairstyles become the trendy hairstyles of the year or of the season. Here we have collected the best short runway hairstyles for 2019 and if you want to know which the most fashionable short cuts are for this year then keep o reading.

Short Shaggy Bob Hairstylemessy short bob hairstyle 2019Natural hairstyles are more stylish these days than the ones that are created with the help of hair styling tools and products. If you have natural wavy hair you can get a lovely shaggy or messy bob hairstyle that can bring out the real beauty of your locks. On the other hand you will refresh your hair and it will be healthier. If you like you can combine it with short or long bangs according to your taste and prefaces. If you want to show off your pretty face features then you’d better go for short bangs.

Pixie Haircutshort pixe haircut 2019It is not a secret that pixie haircuts have a boyish touch in them, that’s why before going for this too short haircut make sure it is going to suit you. In case you have very slender ad subtle face features that you want to show off beautifully you are welcome to chop off your locks. This hairstyle looks subtle with the right chosen hair color or with feminine bangs.

Blunt Bob Hairstyle with Fringeshort bob hairstyle with fringe 2019Blunt bob is a more voluminous bob haircut that suits almost all face shapes and beautifully frames the face. It is perfect especially with straight bangs that complete the hairstyle. Girls who have thin hair and need a hairstyle to make their locks look fuller and a bit voluminous can go for this stylish bob hairstyle.

Retro Inspired Bob Hairstyleretro inpired bob hairstyle 2019Retro hairstyles that are usually seen with different hair accessories and headband are very trendy for 2019. However today hairstylists offer to add a modern touch to your retro hairstyle for a more astounding effect. For example you can combine your short straight bob haircut with a trendy hair color and embellish it with a retro headband. Adding a bit of volume on the top part you will get the perfect “modern retro” short bob hairstyle.

Two Tone Bob Hairstyletwo tone bob hairstyle 2019Combining two hair colors in a one hairstyle is not a news anymore. But doing this in a shot bob hairstyle is a new idea for sure. You can dye half of your hair in one color and the next half in another shade. Choosing contrasting hues is the best thing to get an eye-catching and unique result.

Curly Short Bob Hairstyleshort curly bob hairstyle 2019Here you see one of the best runway short curly hairstyles ever. It’s a lovely hairstyle to wear on natural curls and can be a great example for black women especially. So, try it in 2019 and look so gorgeous.



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