Short Layered Hairstyles 2019

If you have a look at the most popular hairstyles for 2019 you’ll mostly see short haircuts. Women choose them because they are comfy, low maintenance and attractive at the same time. Among so many short cuts each can find her style and the best option for her face shape. But before chopping your hair off too short take into account some important factors. It is obvious that short haircuts make women look a bit boyish and o break this masculine touch in short cuts we should find interesting solutions. So, for example bangs, hair colors or what is more astounding; layers. Let’s discover the most fabulous short layered hairstyles for 2019.

Pixie Layered Haircutshort layered pixie 2019There are cases when women go for pixie haircuts without paying attention to their hair type and at the end the result is not so satisfying. It is because something is wrong in the choice. For instance if you have thin and fine hair you should know that pixie haircuts may not look so good on it. But if you add some layers you will get a bit of volume which will change the sleek and too smooth look of your hairstyle. So, layers will solve the problem of thinness and will bring some fullness to your short locks.

Short Layered Bob Haircutlayered bob haircut 2019Again speaking about short cuts and hair type matching we ca say that the layered bob cut is perfect for thin hair. If the layered pixie haircut provides volume on the top part short layered bob looks more voluminous and much fuller. It’s super especially with bangs which add dimension on the crown part. So, you get a well-balanced thick-looking hairstyle for your thin hair.

Wavy Layered Bob HairstyleWavy Layered Bob HairstyleCompared with the simple wavy bob haircuts wavy layered bob hairstyle looks fuller and more voluminous. It is lovely in its style and is very eye-catching. You will always be in the center of attention with a wavy layered bob cut. In case you have natural waves the result will be fantastic.

Short Layered Bob with Long Side Bangsshort layered bob hairstyle with long bangs 2019If you want to match your short layered bob haircut with stylish bangs you can opt for long side bangs, this will create a stunning asymmetric look that will make you stand out from the crowd. If you like you can even get those bangs in a layered form as well and it will provide you with a unique hairstyle.

Short Spiky Hairstyle with LayersShort Spiky Hairstyle 2019The best spiky hairstyles for women are generally achieved on short layered haircuts. They provide you with enough length and texture for a superb spiky style. If you already have a short layered cut you can easily style spikes on it with a hair gel. This crazy hairstyle is for bold looks and is a trendy one for 2019.

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