Pixelated Hair: Hair Color Trend for 2019

Times has already passed for regular and ordinary hair coloring and what 2019 requires is creativity. Jut for this reason professional Spanish hairstylists Jorge Cancer, Jose Luis Almendral and Marco Antonio Restrepo have created the new trendy hair coloring technique; pixelated hair for 2019.

pixel hair color green 2019Nowadays pixel hair colors are utilized in Spanish salons, in New York City and in London as new fashion style. This is the top of human fantasy that drives us crazy and makes us feel the originality that pixel coloring can bring into one’s appearance. As a result you get a style, fascinating and unique hair color. It’s a flexible hair coloring technique due to which each can find the  best style meeting his/her preferences.pixel hair color 2019 From delicate pastel shades to the brightest dramatic hair colors you can add any stunning highlight on your hair. And actually this is the latest fashionable highlighting option to be used for a new and updated look. If you are not fond of colorful hades you may take one dye that goes in a contrast with your base hair color and get awesome pixelated hairstyle. The expression of pixel can be seen on hair only in case you use a noticeable and differing color for your hair. For example you can add blonde pixel highlights on your dark hair and brunette highlights on your light hair.pixelated hair 2019This hair coloring is something perfect for short straight and long layered hair and it won’t be reflected well on curly hairstyles. So, if you have straight hair you may update your cut and go for pixelated hair colors. If you don’t want to go for a too short cut you may go for a stylish layered haircut and then add pixel colors on your layers.pixel hair color idea 2019 Those who like pixie cuts can combine it with pixelated style and the result will be amazingly beautiful. Another great idea to get a stylish pixelated hairstyle is dying only the bangs (if you have) in pixel hair colors. Those cute highlights will change the dull look of your hair and will liven up your hairstyle. If you have a short haircut you may dye the roots in pixel shades and if you have long layered hairstyle you may like the idea of adding pixel highlights on the ends of your layers.pixel hair color on short hairAvoid dying your hair in pixel hair colors at home as it’s not a simple hair coloring and the risk of failing increases especially in case you are not familiar with it. If you really want to go for pixelated hair you’d better refer to a professional hair colorist to get the desired effect on your hair.pixel hair color purple 2019 We wish you a nice hairstyle in 2019 with pixelated hair coloring technique. Try to keep the beauty and the attractiveness of the style and choose colors matching your skin tone and eye color so that the result could also be well-balanced. Keep in mind that this is a temporary hair coloring and its effect lasts only as long as your hair is in its primary length. As soon as it’s grown out the effect may change the look.pixel hair colors 2019



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