Ombre Hairstyles 2019

There are numerous ombre hair colors that you can choose from and look fabulous. It has been around a while now and doesn’t want to be out of the fashion. This is because it can suggest multiple coloring shades that create perfect harmony of darker and lighter colors. Ombre hair is also low maintenance especially when the base color is kept to close to the natural hair color. Ombre hair coloring technique can look fabulous both for short to medium and long hair length. Let’s check out these 2019 ombre hairstyles and get ready to rock it for the upcoming year.

2019 Ombre Hair color

Among two tone coloring options, ombre remains popular and favorite for ladies. There are many ombre coloring options but the most common ombre features dark brown roots to lighter golden ends. This ombe coloring can look gorgeous on long and loose wavy hair. Before choosing two colors of ombre make sure it works for your skin tone and hair type. Another popular ombre coloring combo is dark brown or black roots with platinum or icy blonde ends.Dark root ombre hairstyle 2019

Natural looking hairstyles will be popular for the next year and the same for hair colors. Try natural looking ombre that features dark brown at the roots and warm brown towards the ends. This ombre hair coloring option can work best for medium skin tones with hair that has dark brown color base.  After getting this ombre hair coloring option done make sure to get a trim.2019 Ombre Hairstyles

If you want something cool and impressive experiment your hair with pastel hair colors. Choose vibrant shades like purple, pink, green, violet, orange and combine it with any shade of blonde. Remember that pastel hair colors can fade quickly so don’t forget about hair care tips.2019 Ombre Hairstyles-5

Use high quality shampoos, condition your hair regularly with color enhancing products to keep your ombre hair color look glossy and healthy. You can mix and match placements, tones and levels of darkness or lightness to create your own signature ombre hair color.



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