Men’s Pompadour Hairstyles 2019

The confident comeback of the retro style has its influence on male’s hairstyles as well. The popularity of pompadour hairstyles is increasing day by day and many men are interested in this hairstyle. It is achieved by styling a high volume top part with extra-short side parts on your hair. pompadour hairstyle 2019All you need is just medium or long top part and short sides. Now, I will represent the best pompadour hairstyles for men to try in 2019.

Slicked Back Pompadour Hairstyleslicked back pompadour hairstyle 2019Check out this neat and tidy slicked back pompadour hairstyle that gifts you a handsome and super masculine look. This hairstyle is not too short on the sides but you can make it sleek and short-looking by a simple hair gel and hair spray.

Pompadour Hairstyle for Layered Hairpompadour hairstyle for layered hair 2019Layered hair with long bangs is great for thin hair. You can style a high pompadour hairstyle with this top part layers also keeping them out of your face. Going for a short side cut you will get a cleaner look.

Shaggy Pompadour Hairstyleshaggy pompadour hairstyle 2019Young boys who seek for more attention and self-confidence may like this cool hairstyle. It’s a messy pompadour that you can get on your medium hairstyle. It’s an eye catching one to stand out from the crowd.

Wavy Pompadour Hairstylewavy pompadour hairstyle 2019Natural wavy hair is gorgeous in high-shine and sleek pompadour style. It makes you waves look more attractive and healthy. Try to keep the sides super short so that the neat and tidy effect could be provided.

Fade Pompadour Hairstylefaded pompadour hairstyle 2019Fade haircuts are among the most fascinating and stylish haircuts for men. The gradual change of cuts starting from the top to the ends gifts you a fantastic clean haircut. They are usually longer on the top and almost side shaved on the sides. So, this cuts allows you to go for a glam high pompadour hairstyle that you can match with your beard.

Curly Pompadour Hairstylecurly pompadour hairstyle 2019Curled or curly pompadour hairstyles are a bit carefree yet sophisticated hairdos for men. You can rock this hairstyle on your curly fade haircut keeping the sides shaved or too short.

Classy Pompadour Hairstyleclassy  pompadour hairstyle 2019For formal occasions elegant men sometimes choose this classy pompadour. It’s a rather backcombed hairstyle with high top part which, in its turn, looks like a pompadour. The sleek, shiny and neat style of this haircut is very astounding.

Backcombed Pompadour Hairstylebackcombed pompadour hairstyle 2019This is closer to the previous one in its style but it’s achieved on quite straight medium hairstyle. Though the sides are not so short but due to their straight and sleek look they ideally go with the long top part in a pompadour style.



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