Medium Hairstyle Ideas for Men 2019

When we speak about men’s hairstyles we generally imagine short styles and buzz cuts but there are also trendy medium and long hairstyles that match special face shapes and look quite stylish. The right solutions, in this case, won’t even break your masculinity down and will enhance your handsomeness. On the other hand medium cuts are ideal if you want to hide some face features. Today we have several medium hairstyles ideas for men to wear in 2019 and if you have decided to change your style then have a look at these options.

Medium Haircut for Men with Thick Hairmedium hairstyles for men with thick hair 2019Actually medium length haircuts are perfect for thick hair as thin hair won’t look full and voluminous. Thick hair provides us with the desired volume and depth that looks very nice in medium styles. You can do lots of things with your thick hair and can style it differently even without going for layers.

Medium Hairstyle for Straight Hairmedium hairstyles for men with straight hair 2019If you have straight hair and want to opt for a medium hairstyle you may style it in a classy side combed hairstyle. It’s a great hairdo to match with beards and to look more handsome. Many women like this hairstyle of men because in spite of being in medium length it’s neat and tidy.

Spiky Hairstyle for Medium Hairspiky hairstyle for boys with medium hair 2019Your hair length allows you to create a trendy and seductive spiky hairstyle. All you need is just giving your top part hair a spiky form with the help of a hair gel or any other hair styling product that can provide you with this effect. Today it’s very popular among many guys and is considered as a flashy hairstyle.

Pompadour Hairstyle for Medium Hairhairstyle for boys with pompadour 2019Well, if you need more attention and want to look more engaging hen the fashionable pompadour hairstyle is for you. If you have voluminous top part with enough length to create a pompadour hairstyle then often try it in 2019.

Layered Haircut for Medium Hairmedium wavy layered hairstyle for men 2016In case you have thin hair but still want to sport a medium length hairstyle in 2019 you’d better opt for a layers. They will make your hair look thicker and a bit fuller. So, you may style it in several cool ways. Making it wavy can also add some volume to your hair.

Medium Haircut with Short Sidesmedium haircut with short sidesShort sides combined with medium length top part can change your haircut into a better look. This awesome hairstyle is easy to achieve almost on all types of hair and is ideal for any occasion. If you like you can style it into a great classy hairstyle for a formal event.

Backcombed Hairstyle for Medium Hairmedium backcombed hairstyle for men 2019Elegant and classy men who often tend to look very neat and powerful choose backcombed hairstyles. These are easier to style on medium length and straight hair. It goes with classy suits and provides you with an attractive, very masculine and handsome look.

Medium Length Hairstyle with Quiffmedium lenght hairstyle for men with quiff 2019Quaff is a volumized top part hairstyle that is achieved with a simple hair gel. All you need to get this hairstyle is just back combing all your hair and creating a neat high quaff that brings all your features out. If you like this hairstyle then keep your hair a bit long to get the so wanted result.



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