Male Celebrity Hairstyles for 2019

Compared with female hairstyles male hairstyles generally have less hair styling opportunities because of their hair length but the ideas that exist are enough for men to look masculine, handsome and attractive. Every year we get inspired by the trendy hair styling solutions that barbers offer famous actors, TV personals and singers. These hairstyles soon become very popular and men try to the ones that go with their face shape. In this post you will find male celebrity hairstyles for 2019 and if you want to look stylish then try at least one of these hairstyles.

Ryan Reynolds Layered HaircutRyan Reynolds layered haircut 2019Men who love to keep their medium length hair in a neat and tidy form should often refresh their haircut with layers. Layers help you to have a flexible hairstyle which is easy to style in different ways. You can create a sleek backcombed or messy hairstyle depending on your preferences. This cool layered haircut of Ryan id very healthy-looking and masculine haircut.

Ashton Kutcher Layered Haircut with Long Bangsashton kutcher hair layered with bangs 2019Layered haircuts and long bangs have always been best matching for men’s hair. They complete each other and provide you with a stylish hairstyle. Ashton likes to appear with this layered haircut combined with long bangs that hide his forehead and create a cool effect for his face shape. If you like bang haircuts you may try this one in 2019.

Robert Downey Spiky HairstyleRobert Downey spiky hair 2019Who said spiky hairstyles are only for young boys? They are the favorite hairstyles of many male celebrities and you can see even women who sport spiky hair. This sis seductive and fashionable hairstyle. It is loved by Robert Downey and as you see it makes his look more attractive and eye-catching.

Paul Walker Short HaircutPaul Walker short haircut 2019For my classy and elegant men I offer this trendy short haircut of Paul Walker. This hairstyle is low-maintenance haircut and those who are too busy to style their hair properly can opt for a short manly haircut like Paul and rock the year with their handsome look.

Matt Damon Short Crew CutMatt Damon short crew cut 2019Another short haircut is here this time by Matt Damon. This is great haircut to style into a short spiky style and draw attention to your seductive look. If you are fond of short haircuts that allows you to go for different hairstyles you can pick the represented haircut.

Colin Farrell Sleek Backcombed Hairstylemale hair 2019Wet-looking hairstyles are lately becoming more requested. They are sleek and ideally bring out the face shape along with face features. If you have beautiful face features and want to show them off you may try this backcombed hairstyle of Colin Farrell.

Alex Pettyfer Medium Spiky HairstyleAlex Pettyfer Medium Spiky Hairstyle 2019Need more attention and attractiveness? Copy Alex Pettyfer’s medium spiky hairstyle. It does look very stylish and flashy. To get this hairstyle you need to have enough texture on the top part of your hair. With a help of a simple hair styling gel you can achieve his look. Opt for it in 2019 more often.



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