Loose Elegant Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair 2019

When it comes to elegant and classy hairstyles for glam women we offer the most fabulous and trendy ideas to use for that particular season or year. This time we’ll introduce elegant hairstyles ideas on long hair for 2019. Have a look at them and decide which options meet your taste, interests and of course your hair type.

Straight Elegant Hairstyle for Long Hairstraight elegant hairstyle with twisted bangs 2019Elegant is all about neatness, tidiness and subtleness. When you have long straight hair it’s already very classy but if you also have bangs you should know how to style them to have a perfect neat hairstyle. One of the latest options is the twisted bangs hairstyle. To get it you need to have long bangs or in case you have long layers that frame your face you can twist them and part to a side to bring out your face features.

Side Parted Curly Hairstyleelegant side parted curly hairstyle 2019Another elegant look can provide you luscious side parted curly hairstyle. It’s a sophisticated hairdo to use for wedding parties and for other formal occasions. Besides being pretty it also brings more feminine touch in your look. If you have long bangs you can curl them too.

Long Layered Straight Hairstylesleek straight hairstyle 2019Though layers are clearly seen in shorter forms but when they are in long lengths they look quite elegant and seductive. These layers can be styled in various ways but if you are look for a classy hairstyle for your long hair you may straighten your locks.

Curly Hairstyle with Long Side Bangslong curly hairstyle with long side bangs 2019Long side bangs tend to frame your face beautifully and they go with straight hair as well as with curly hairstyles. As a too feminine hairstyle this curly delicacy is a great one for various occasions.

Half Updo Hairstyle with Long Side Bangshalf up half down hairstyle 2019Even the simple half updo hairstyle is so elegant and engaging. It’s one of the most feminine hairstyles for long hair. You can go for a curly or wavy half up half down hairstyle and leaving your log bangs frame your face get a more attractive appearance.

Half Updo Hairstyle with a Poofhalf updo with poof 2019Poof is always a great way to draw attention to a half updo hairstyle. It is easy to create on long bangs as well as on long locks on the top part of your hair. This is perfect both with super straight hair and with curly ends.

Sleek Half Updo Hairstylesleek half updo hairstyle 2019Those who are fond of trendy sleek hairstyles with side parting can often opt for the sleek half updo hairstyle for their long hair. Any sleek, neat and classy hairstyle is trendy in 2019, so choose it for your new look.



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