Long Straight Hairstyle Inspiration for 2019

Long tresses are stunning and classy when they are straight and healthy. There are several trendy long straight hairstyle ideas which you can use in 2019 to take your long locks to the next level. Sleek, shiny and attractive hairstyles are the most powerful weapons for your attractive and super feminine looks.  Just some trendy and fresh layers, bangs and braided styles and your long hair is ready to captivate many male hearts.long straight hairstyles 2019Long Straight Side Parted Hairstyle

Take an example from naturally curly Taylor Swift who often rocks straight hairstyles. Her charming blonde hair is always healthy and seductive in sleek straight styles. Her stylist is so professional that it seems as if she has naturally straight hair. This side parted girlish hairstyle with sharp ends is a perfect straight hairdo for official meetings and formal parties. In order to style it you may need to apply hair cream from the top to the tips to avoid any frizz and messiness. Then flat iron and pull all to one side.

Long Straight Side Parted Hairstyle

Long Straight Side Parted Hairstyle

Long Straight Layered Hairstyle

Olivia Palermo is another ravishing long-haired beauty who knows how to deal with her thick locks. We love her layered haircuts which are either straightened or curled. However she looks classier and more elegant with straight layered hairstyles. Due to the right flat ironing her hairstylist achieves a cool hairstyle which brings out the structure of her layered haircut and the shine of the layers section by section.Olivia Palermo Haircut Long Straight Hair Popular Haircuts Pinterest Haircuts For Long Hair Pinterest Haircuts For Long Hair 2018 2019Long Straight Ombre Hairstyle

Here is our gorgeous Daisy Fuentes with her soft and stylish long straight ombre hairstyle. The combo of dark and light hues is so harmonious and beautiful in this layered and straight style that you clearly feel the balance between ombre hair colors and straight hairstyles. Well, lately ombre has become a popular style not only for long but also for short hair but its best reflections are touchable on long tresses.long straight ombre hairstyle 2019Long Straight Hairstyle with Braidslong straight hairstyle with braids Petra Nemcova 2019What if younger celebrities like to highlight their girlishness with braided hairstyles? Not fully braided but still subtle and eye-catching; this is the unique straight hairstyle choice of Petra Nemcova and Isla Fishers. They prefer to enhance the prettiness of their long sleek hairstyles with braids. Just use your imagination to create more attractive and original braids on straight hair. Use French, fishtail, simple or crown braiding methods in order to get a stunning look.long straight hairstyle with braids 2019Long Straight Slicked Back/Wet-Look Hairstyle

And the final trend that you can use for your long hair is the runway inspired slicked back or wet-looking hairstyles. The right way of getting it is just using hair styling oils which you are supposed to rub only on the top part. Keep the rest of hair in its dry and straight style and comb all backwards after applying the oils. It’s an easy to do and comfy hairstyle for long hair-red ladies who like downdo yet cozy styles. You can achieve it by yourself with the right styling products.long straight wet-look hairstyle 2019



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