Layered Pixie Haircuts 2019

Pixie haircuts are the types of haircuts that request special type of hair and face shape. They are ideal for thick hair both straight and curly and seldom go with thin locks. However smart hairstylist find the ways to provide thin hair with a stunning pixie haircut and the secret of these hairstyles is hidden behind layered cut. Due to layers they get the desired voluminous effect on hair that looks very beautiful. This article is about layered pixie haircuts for 2019. Both thick and thin-haired women can have a look at them and refresh their haircut.

Two-Tone Layered Pixie Haircuttwo-tone layered pixie 2019As straight hair is sleeker than curly type of hair some highlights or hair colors can change its simple look. Go for a layered pixie haircut and dye it into a two-tone hair color combining, for example dark brown and light blonde shades. Besides making your hair look fuller this effect will also be perfect reflected on your haircut due to it straightness.

Short Layered Pixie Haircutshort layered pixie haircut 2019There are a bit long and very short pixie haircuts and it’s easier to get layers on longer hair than on short cuts. However adding layers to your grown out pixie is one of the best ways to shorten and to update it. You can even create some cute bangs with these short layers.

Short Layered Pixie Haircut in Red Hair Colorshaggy layered pixie red 2019Fiery red is a trendy shade to add your short pixie haircut. It will look very beautiful on your layers and will add more fullness your haircut.

Layered Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Bangslayered pixie with side swept bangs 2019Soft side swept bangs are always here to bring subtleness to your short pixie haircut. If you have layers on your hair you can match it with layered bangs. This will look well-balanced and prettier.

Layered Pixie Haircut for Thick Hairlayered pixie haircut with spikes 2019If you choose a layered pixie haircut for your thick hair then the result will be more voluminous compared with other pixie cuts. The thickness of your locks already gives your haircut a full and deep look which in its turn provides the style with an eye-catching volume.

Undercut Style for Layered Pixieblonde undercut layered pixie 2019To get a stylish undercut style for your pixie haircut you are expected to have your sides in a short form and leave the top part a bit longer. What we do with this longer part is just adding layers. Then we style layers into a spiky hairstyle and get a trendy look.

Layered Pixie Haircut with Vibrant Highlightsblonde layered pixie with vibrant highlights 2019If you like to play with different hair colors then try vibrant highlights for your layered pixie haircut in 2019. You can add bright colors to your bangs or to some layers here and there on your layers and enjoy the fresh and attractive look of your hairstyle.



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