Gorgeous Braided Bun Hairstyles for 2019

Being one of the oldest updo hairstyles bun has many advantages which make it a required and stunning hairstyle. Ladies with medium to long haircuts often refer to this cozy style to keep front strands out of the face as well as to look more elegant. One of the most important benefits of bun hairstyles is that they are ideal for any occasion. You can find as many casual and festive ideas as you like. These hairstyles are cool date night, prom and dressy styles for young ladies and they tend to make mature women look younger. This time the turn is for the most gorgeous braided bun hairstyles to try in 2019. Be inspired by the fancy braided buns.braided bun hairstyles 2019Low Casual Braided Bun Hairstyle

Compared with the simple bun hairstyle the braided bun is tighter and comfier. It keeps your locks neat and tidy and is easy to achieve. The following low messy braided bun is a cute casual hairstyle.braided low bun hairstyle 2019How to Style: Braid your messy hair into a simple plait and wrap to create a small bun hairstyle. Secure it with bobby pins. If you like you can center part your hair before braiding to get a well-balanced and trendier effect.

Fishtail Bun Hairstyle

Fishtail is a fashionable braided hairstyle to mix with many other hairdos. Once Taylor Swift gave us a glamorous fishtail bun hairstyle idea which soon became a big trend. Nowadays ladies rock it as a good office hairdo.fishtail braided bun hairstyle 2019How to Style: Part your hair into two sections. Comb gently and plait the fishtail braid. Then wrap it and achieve a side bun hairstyle at your nape. Secure with bobby pins and if you have bangs frame your face beautifully.

Braided Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

Ballerina bun is not only for cute ballerinas. It is a gorgeous festive hairstyle to wear for special occasions. While the simple ballerina bun is a casual hairstyle the braided bun is prettier and flashier.braided ballerina bun hairstyle 2019How to Style: Tease the top part a bit for a bouffant effect. Spray hair spray and comb gently. Then either tie a high ponytail and braid it or opt for a sock bun hair styling technique. Then wrap the braid around the tie and keep in place with bobby pins.

Braided Side Bun Hairstyle

The asymmetrical shapes of braided side bun hairstyles is so appealing. They grab attention and look better in two-tone shades or with highlights on hair. If your hair is highlighted with fresh shades then show off their beauty with this hairstyle.side braided bun 2019How to Style: start braiding from the top part into a French plait and end it up on the other side at the nape with a tight bun. Secure it with bobby pins and add a stylish accessory on the side part.



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