Dare To Copy Pompadour Hairstyles of Celebrities in 2019

Pompadour hairstyles stolen form male hairstyle ideas is rocking lately due to fashionable and brave women who have gone for pixie cuts. Among them we find many celebrities who having the courage to chop off their locks also opted for pompadour hairstyle to make their look more eye-catching. Actually they succeeded as those who come up with pixie cuts styled in pompadour hairstyle immediately appear in the center of public eye. Today we’ll discuss the best pompadour hairstyles to copy in 2019. All the represented examples are from Hollywood stars who will surely inspire you.

Rihanna Retro Pompadour HairstyleRihanna retro pompadour hairstyle 2019Rihanna is a big fan of retro hairstyles and she tries to use it in every cut she picks for her new look. Her side shaved pixie cut has been styled in many different ways and here we see Rihanna with a retro inspired pompadour hairstyle which is unique due to the hair color combination to be copied by most black women and the neat style that enhances the beauty of her face features.

Scarlet Johansson Sleek Pompadour HairstyleScarlett Johansson pompadour hairstyleThough leek and pompadour are total contrasts taken together but as you see Scarlet’s hairstylist has smartly styled her hair the way it looks both volumized and sleek enough. As a result she has provide with a trendy pompadour hairstyle which brings out her face shape and her stunning face expression.

Pink Pompadour HairstylePink hairstyle 2019Again you see a touch of the retro style in a pompadour hairstyle this time by Pink. This is a cool hairstyle to draw attention and as the chosen platinum blonde hair color is in thing these days you may get a great combination.

Jenny Mccarthy Pompadour HairstyleJenny Mccarthy pompadour hairstyle 2019Jenny has tried more elegant and classy pompadour hairstyle which you can copy for prom, for a wedding part or for a formal meeting. It’s a very suitable hairstyle for women 40 and is one of the most astounding hairstyles to keeps eyes on you.

Miley Cyrus Pompadour HairstyleMiley Cyrus pompadour hairstyleGo for this pompadour style in 2019 if you are thinking of a new hairstyle for your pixie cut. Having your side parts in a short boyish cut and the top part in a grown out pixie style like Miley’s you can easily get a pompadour hairstyle.

Christina Aguilera Retro Pompadour HairstyleChristina Aguilera pompadour hairstyle 2019Those rolled hair on the top part of the head create a smashing pompadour hairstyle which has both a retro and modern touch in it. As you see platinum blonde hair color perfectly goes with this hairdo and makes it softer. The rolled style in its turn makes it look rather feminine than masculine.



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