Coolest Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair 2019

Taking into consideration the fact that today most women go for short haircuts we have decide to gift a special article to these ladies and to represent the coolest ponytail hairstyle ideas for short hair 2019 where you can find different solutions for your short hair. Though ponytail is a simple and easy hairstyle but there are some more complicated and modern styles for this hairstyle that make it trendy for 2019.

Low Sleek Ponytail for Short Hairlow sleek ponytail with side parting 2019As it’s not an easy task to style a high ponytail on short hair we mostly see low ponytail hairstyles. In this case they are quite classy and neat. Businesswomen who have short hair but still often need to have it out of their face may like this low sleek ponytail hairstyle with side parting. The latter gives the hairdo a classier effect and makes the hairstyle look neater.

Ponytail Hairstyle with Braidsbraided ponytail hairstyle 2019Different braids can be combined with a ponytail hairstyle but the most popular braid is the French braid that works perfect with ponytails. Before styling a pony you can braid one side of your hair into a cue French braid and then tie your hair into a low ponytail. This will add charm and interest to a simple ponytail.

Low Twisted Ponytailcreative short ponytailTwisted or knotted these creative ponytail are ideal creative solutions for your short hair. They are modern, trendy and fascinating. The simple technique used to create it makes it even more attractive.

Classy Backcombed Short Ponytailsleek classy short ponytail 2019Backcombed hairstyles are, perhaps, the most convenient hairdos when you want to keep all your locks away from your face. As a result you get a classy and elegant hairstyle for your short hair that brings out your face shape and pretty face features. Matching it with a subtle makeup will be the best thing to have a glossy look and to make your eyes pop out.

Volumized Ponytail for Short Hairvolumized ponytail for short hairIf you need to grab more attention with your short low ponytail then you may get inspired by the 40’s retro style. Even a common ponytail hairstyle is so eye-catching in a retro style. The volumized effect on the back part of your hairstyle creates a flashy look and makes your hair glamorous enough.

Braided Ponytail Hairstyle for Short Hairbraided ponytail hairstyle for short hair 2019Short hair can be sometimes braided into a cute French braid but if you braid only the top part and finish it with a cool ponytail hairstyle you’ll get a fashionable hairstyle. This hairdo is prettier especially if you have some highlights on your hair that are fantastically reflected on your braid. Try it once in 2019 on your short hair and you’ll fall in love with it forever.

Half Ponytail Hairstyle for Short Hairhalf ponytail for short hair 2019Half updo and half ponytail hairstyles are in great demand in 2019 and many celebrities rock them. They are ideal for short hairstyles especially for bob haircuts. If you have thick hair you may often go for this cozy hairstyle on casual days.



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