Coolest Hairstyles for Round Faces 2019

In order to narrow down your face shape and to break down the roundness that it has you may wear lots of hairstyles but the trendiest ones are still waiting for you. Hurry up and choose one of these cool hairstyles for round faces in 2019. They are the best options of for face structure and tend to highlight your prettiness.hairstyles for round faces 2019   Long Layered Haircut for Round Faces

Long layered cuts tend to make your face look longer. They are great face framing hairdos for any woman who has long healthy and luscious tresses. These hairstyles give you so many hair styling ideas and opportunities. You can rock them with straight wispy bangs to hide your large forehead or you can go for long side bangs. Both complete your new haircut and make it even prettier.long layered haircut for round faces 2019Uneven Bob Haircut for Round Faces

Asymmetrical or uneven haircuts always grab attention and change your look. They are great for round faces as short and long side part hair create a totally different image and shape for you. Short asymmetrical bob is a trendy hairstyle for 2019 and it looks like a half bob and half pixie haircut. So, you will get a flexible and stylish hairstyle for your round face.asymmetrical bob for round faces 2019Mid-Lengths Haircut for Round Faces

Long bob or medium layered haircuts are perfect for round faces. They look very pretty and highlight your subtlness. You can wear various hairstyles due to the mid-length of your locks. If you choose a layered haircut you get more opportunities for new hairstyles. Those who also like bangs can combine their medium haircut with side bangs. They are well-balanced with this style.medium haircut for round faces 2019Short Voluminous Pixie Haircut for Round Faces

Since sleek, straight and thin pixie haircuts showcase face shape and facial features clearly you should think of an alternative to match with your face structure. In this case you are recommended to go for voluminous or high volume pixie haircuts which are a bit long and thick on the top part. Those who have sleek and straight hair can achieve the desired voluminous effect by hair styling products.pixie for round faces 2019Angled Bob Haircut for Round Faces

If you don’t like uneven bob haircuts then you may try the lovely angled bob. It is the most flattering version for round faces. Angled bob are short on the back and a bit long in front. You will like your new and fresh haircut which works well with many bang styles.angled bob for round faces 2019Side Swept Bangs for Round Faces

As for bangs the popular fringe for round faces is the lovely side swept fringe. It visually changes your face shape and makes you look younger. So, opt for side swept bangs if you want to create a well-balanced hairstyle for your face.side swept bangs for round faces 2019



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