Cool Messy Hairstyles for 2019

Lately models appear either with messy or too sleek hairstyles. Which style you like depends on your taste and preferences but as for messy hairstyles perhaps you also have your favorite hairdos that make you differ from the rest. Every messy hairstyle is original in its way. They are unique because you mostly appear with your natural hair styled in an interesting way and therefore you have a signature hairstyle. Here we’ll offer you the most fashionable messy hairstyles for 2019.

Messy Bohemian Hairstylemessy bohemian hairstyle 2019

As you know bohemian hairstyles are generally matched with various messy braids that are either undone, half-done or carefree. They are mingled into a long wavy hairstyle and appear here and there in the hair. They can be of simple braids or of fishtail braids. According to your preferences you can style as many thin braids as you like on your messy hair.

Messy Updo Hairstylemessy updo hairstyle 2019In spite of being too tight and sleek at the sides this updo hairstyle is a messy one due to the windblown ends. It’s a stylish hairstyle to wear with a fascinating costume or a party outfit for a special event. You can achieve it on shoulder length and longer hairstyles.

Messy Bun Hairstylemessy bun hairstyle 2019This looks like a half-done bun hairstyle that keeps only some part of your hair in a tied form and has a messy look because of the loose waves out of the bun. It’s a casual hairstyle to wear on hot, humid or busy days when you want to have your hair in a loose updo style.

Messy Braided Hairstylemessy braided hairstyle 2019Here you see a messy braided hairstyle that reminds us of the messy bohemian hairstyle. But this one is a bit different. First of all it’s styled on straight hair and there is a modern ouch in it. Due to those braids it looks messier and cooler.

Messy Pigtail Braidsmesy pigtail braids 2019Girls who want to have much fun with their hair often wear pigtail braids. They are very hot especially in a messy style. You may opt either for a simple braid or may choose the trendy fishtail for your messy pigtail hairstyle.

Messy Updo Hairstyle with Pinned Bangsmessu updo with side pinned bangsDo you have long annoying hair? Style it into a messy updo and pin your long bangs to a side. By pinned bangs you’ll look girlish and younger. It’s a nice hairstyle for schoolgirls who want to look stylish.

Messy Braid with Hair ExtensionsMessy Braid with colorful Hair Extensions runwayIf before many preferred hair extensions closer to their hair color today models wear different hairstyles and add colorful hair extensions to their hair. They give a messy and eye-catching look particularly to braided hairstyles. The difference between their base color and hair extension is vivid and it’s enhanced with the chosen hairstyle combo as well. So, you may try it in 2019 for a special occasion.



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