Bun Hairstyle Ideas for Medium Hair 2019

Bun hairstyle is one of the most convenient hairstyles for medium to long hair. Taking into account the fact that there are millions of ways to style a bun hairdo on long hair we have collected the most stylish bun hairstyles on medium hair for 2019. Ladies with medium length haircuts can also rock creative and pretty bun hairstyles instead of a simple bun. Check them out below.

Curly Side Bun Hairstyleside curly bun for medium hair 2019Whether you have natural curly or straight hair this hairdo is possible to create on your medium locks. This is a glam side bun for ladies who want to wear a bun hairstyle for a formal occasion. In case you like hair accessories you can decorate it with cute embellishments.

French Braided Bun Hairstylefrench braided bun 2019Using the simple principal of the French braid your hairstylist can gift you a great braided bun hairstyle. This hairstyle is a classy one to wear at office or for an official meeting. If you have two-tone hair color it will beautifully show it them off.

Cute Bun with Crown Braidbun hairstyle with crown braid 2019If you think that crown braids are only for long hair then I am here to show you this cute bun hairstyle with crown braid. As you see it’s possible to achieve a cool crown braid and match it with a small bun hairdo on medium hair. The result is quite sleek and interesting.

Inverted Braided Bun Hairstyleinverted braid bun 2019Are you fond of creative inverted braided hairstyles? Try to mix it with a bun hairstyle. You will get a convenient high bun hairstyle with a fascinating braid on the back.

Low Side Bun with Long Bangslow classy bun 2019Layered hair sometimes provides you with girlish face framing strands that seem to be the continuation of your long bangs. If you have such hairstyle you should often wear low side bun hairdo to enhance its beauty. It’s also an elegant and romantic hairstyle for date nights and is a great choice for young ladies. Many women over 40 wear it to look younger and girlish.

Twisted Bun Hairstyletwisted bun for medium hair 2019Twists are easier to achieve on medium length hair than on long haircuts. So, you can often play with different twists to get a creative hairstyle. Twisted bun hairstyles are ideal especially for unruly hair. They provide you with a tight and sleek hairstyle.

Half Bun HairstyleStylish half bun hairstyle 2019Many Hollywood stars choose the simple half bun hairstyle for their thick hair. This casual hairstyle seems to become a formal hairdo due to its flashy and comfy nature.it is easy to get on long hair as well as on medium length lob or bob haircuts.



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