Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair 2019

With the popularity of short haircuts the creative hair braiding ideas also increase. Women look for braided hairstyles to draw much attention to their short bob and pixie haircuts. They try to use different braided hairstyles on short hair for 2019 to make a real statement. Compared with long braids these braided hairstyles look cuter and lovelier. They are short in length and they make short haircuts quite attractive. Have a look at some of them and style your short hair in new ways.

Short Bob with Side French Braidside braid for short hair 2019Adding a nice and easy side French braid on your bob haircut is one of the quickest ways to embellish your hairstyle and to get a girlish look. Young ladies love to play with French braids to look prettier and mature women go for these hairstyles to look younger.

Short Wavy Bob with Simple Braidsimple braid for bob haircut 2019Any girl knows how to braid her hair into a simple braid. This is the easiest braided hairstyle which is possible to get even on short haircuts. Here you see it on short wavy bob and it is very beautiful.

Pigtail Braids for Short Hairpigtail braids 2019Don’t consider pigtail braids as childish hairstyles. Nowadays they are used by many young ladies who stand out from the crowd just due to their hairstyle. Pigtail braids are cozy hairstyles to keep your under control and to look stylish at the same time.

Braided Updo Hairstylefrench braided bun for short hair 2019If you are planning to have an elegant look and don’t know what to do with your short hair then you may consider this spiffy braided bun hairstyle. It’s comfy and classy and you can wear it for any formal occasion.

French Crown Braid on Pixie Haircutcrown french braid for short hair 2019Though crown braids are mainly achieved on long hair but this one is possible to create even on pixie haircuts. As you see it keeps all hair along with fringe out of the face and is quite feminine to soften your short haircut.

Pastel Colored Short Bob with Knot Braidscolored knot braid for bob 2019Knot braids are becoming more popular in 2019. They are even more eye-catching on colored hair. If you like playful hairstyles then this short bob in pastel colors will appeal to you especially due to the stunning knot braids.

Braided Half Updobraided half updo for short hair 2019Short hair sometimes annoys you with its face framing strands and all you need to keep them out of your face is styling them into a half updo hairstyle. What if you do it with cool braids?

Loose Fishtail Braid for Short Hairloose fishtail braid for short hair 2019Start braiding a loose fishtail hairstyle from the top part of your short hair. This gorgeous hairdo is very neat and delightful. It is ideal especially for thick hair.



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