Boho Messy Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair 2019

If you are looking for a new hairstyle inspiration then you are in the right place. In this post you will find natural-looking boho messy hairstyles ideas for long hair to try in 2019. These hairstyles are the favorite one of lazy girls who have long hair and don’t spend much time for it to look gorgeous. Boho is the style of simplicity and delicacy. These hairstyles are often worn on casual days and for beach parties. Have a look at them and copy the best options for you.

Boho Messy Wavesboho messy waves 2019The simplest bohemian hairstyle is the messy wavy hairdo. There are several ways to get this hairstyle if you don’t have natural waves. One of the most popular tip for such hairdo is braiding your wet hair and untie it as soon as it is dry. The result will be both wavy and voluminous.

Boho Messy Ombre Hairstyleboho messy ombre hair 2019Combining messy waves with cool ombre style will gift you with mysterious and seductive look. The best shade for a perfect boho ombre style are dark brown and light blonde. One shade is quite warm and the other one is very cool and the effect is just astounding.

Long Messy Pigtailsboho messy pigtails 2019Pigtails are becoming more and more required among young ladies who have long hair. These hairstyles are very pretty in boho style and look more eye-catching in messy forms.

Boho Messy Waves with Baby Braidsboho messy waves with baby braids 2019If you have a messy hairstyle and are in a hurry there is a great way to beautify your carefree waves. Just add some baby braids according to your taste and rock the day with your stunning hairstyle.

Boho Half Updobohemian messy half updo 2019Compared with the rest of half updo hairstyles boho half updos are messier and they are generally styled with braids. You don’t need to have a special hair accessory to get a stylish half updo hairstyle. Your hair is enough to provide you with a braid which serves as a headband for your long locks.

Messy Boho Updo with Fishtailmessy bob bun with fishtail 2019Boho updo hairstyles are much bigger and they look ideal with fishtail braids wrapped around the updo. If you have curly hairstyle which sometimes annoys you, you may opt for this messy updo and it will keep all your hair out of your face. If you like you may add a cute headband matching your style.

Messy Boho High Bun Hairstyle with Headbandmessy boho high updo with headband 2019The wide use of headbands in boho hairstyles in not a news. Girls choose subtle scarfs that have brown, reddish brown or coffee brown shades that match their hair color and skin tone and create a lovely messy bun with it. These hairstyles look fashionable with sunglasses and they are ideal for hot summer months as well as for chilly seasons when you want to keep your ears warm. So, try boho messy hairstyles in 2019.



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