Blonde Hair Colors with Dark Roots for 2019

The fashionable ombre style is now experimented in different ways and if we compare dark roots hairstyles with the ombre technique we’ll see some similarities. First of all the same principal we have in ombre hair styling; dark roots with light ends. Then we have hair color contrast which is often seen in ombre hair coloring. In other words, dark roots with light ends is the simple ombre hair coloring that you can achieve even by yourself at home. Today we’ll refer to blonde hair colors with dark roots that are stylish for 2019.

Rihanna Blonde Hair with Dark Rootsbuttery blonde hair color with dark roots 2019The great curly hairstyle of Rihanna that is so eye-catching even without any hair coloring looks more attractive with this blonde hair color with dark roots. It’s one of the perfect examples of dark roots that is so inspiring for many black women. She has chosen warm brown hair color for her roots and actually it’s the best choice to match with her warm skin tone.

Light Buttery Blonde Hair Color with Dark Rootslight buttery blonde hair with dark roots 2019If you have pale skin tone and light eyes you may dye your hair in a light buttery blonde shade and opt for dark brown roots which will break down the paleness of your complexion as well as will look too stylish. This is delightful option for women with long locks.

Ciara Dirty Blonde Hair Color with Dark Rootsblonde hair color with dark roots for black women 2019As dirty blonde is the ideal shade for the majority of black women Ciara has chosen just this hair color. To make it more eye-catching she has darken her roots into brown shade matching her complexion. As a result she got a simple ombre effect on her long wavy hairstyle.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color with Dark Rootsplatinum blonde hair with dark rootsFor those who want to liven up their light platinum blonde shade dark roots are very suitable. You may combine your trendy platinum blonde with espresso, dark chocolate or black roots in 2019. This is a fashionable combo and works both with dark and light eyes.

Julianne Hough Lob Haircut with Dark Rootsblonde hair with dark roots on lob hair 2019Julianne Hough has experimented with light blonde hair color and brown roots combination on her stylish lob haircut. As she has medium skin tone and light eyes this hairstyle works with her complexion and compliments her skin tone.

Pixie Blonde Hair with Dark Rootsdark roots for pixie cut 2019If you think that dark roots are only for long haircuts then have a look at this pixie blonde hairstyles with dark roots. You may opt for it in 2019 to look trendy and very flashy at the same time.

Source: New Cool Hairstyles

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