Best Hairstyles from Paris Spring 2019

Discover the prettiest hairstyles from Paris Spring 2019 fashion weeks. We are already captured by the best ideas which grab attention with their prettiness and elegance. It goes without saying that several fashion houses represent just nonsense hairstyles which are far from being beautiful but some are just smart, dressy and refined. Here are collected those stunning hairstyles. Check them out to try in 2019.Paris fashion 2019 hairstylesBalmain Spring 2019: High Ponytail Hairstyle

This posh look called warrior princess is one of the best hairstyles that we saw in Paris these days. It is the signature hairstyle of Balmain worn by all the models. Classy women will surely like its stunning look and effect on long tresses.Balmain spring 2019 ponytail hairstyle 2019How to Style: Start with slightly damp hair. Rub hair cream from the top to the tips and straighten into a super straight and shiny hairstyle. Then comb all smoothly and gather into a high and tight ponytail hairstyle keeping the tie higher than usual. Gorgeous models Gigi and Kendall were just sparking in this hairdo which brings out slender facial features.

Nina Ricci Spring 2019: Sleek Side Parted Hairstyle

The elegant sleek side-parted hairstyle represented by Nina Ricci is a big trend these days. The subtle makeups just compliments the hairstyle and showcase a super feminine hotness.nina ricci spring 2019 hairstyleHow to Style: Wash hair and blow dry it. Then apply heavy hair cream and shiny wax from the roots to the ends and straighten. Once hair is perfectly straight apply hair cream and pull a huge part of hair to one side with the help of a brush or fine-toothed comb. Tuck front strands behind the ear.

Celine Spring 2019: Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

The braided ponytail hairstyle offered by Celine is a kind of 80’s inspired cool classiness. It is a high and tight pony with a braided tail. Actually Celine is always classy and polish with the desired modern touches in it.celine spring 2019 hairstyleHow to Style: Apply sculpting cream from the top part to the very ends. Pull tresses into a tight and sleek ponytail hairstyle. Braid the tail into a simple plait and tie with a simple elastic.

Valentino Spring 2019: Cornrows Updo Hairstyle

Being inspired by the trendy Afro-American cornrow braided hairstyles Valentino sent models in cornrow braided bun hairstyle. The top part is braided while the rest of hair is pulled into a classy bun hairstyle. The final result is a hot elegance.Valentino spring 2019 hairstyleHow to Style: Braid top part hair into small and cute French braids. They will help you get the cornrow effect. Then create a bun on the top. In spite of looking so complicated it’s quite easy to do.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2019: Long Hairstyle with Braids

As for Louis Vuitton’s long hairstyle, we feel the touch of our lovely bohemian style in it. It is a long straight hairstyle with thin baby braids.

How to Style: You can achieve it on your long or medium tresses by straightening hair and combining and braiding a few thin baby plaits.LOUIS VUITTON long hairstyle with braids 2019



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