Best Bangs for Long Hairstyles 2019

Hairstylists often recommend to match short haircuts with short bangs and long haircuts with long bangs as only in this case you will get a symmetric and well-balanced hairstyle otherwise the effect will be asymmetrical and many who tend to look more interesting choose asymmetric hairstyles. In this post we’ll speak about both asymmetric and symmetric bangs for long hairstyles to try in 2019.

Short Bangs for Long Hairshort bangs with long hair 2019Let’s start from short bangs that seldom look pretty with long hairstyles. These rare cases, however, are very beautiful in their style. They are unique and have a mysterious ouch in them. Girls with long hair already have something to be proud of but when they want to differ from others as well they combine their hairstyle with fascinating bangs such as short blunt bangs. If you are one of them and want to draw attention to your hairstyle then choose short bangs for your long hair in 2019.

Long Curly Side Bangs for Curly Hairstylecurly hair with bangs 2019Though both curly and straight bangs go with curly and wavy hairstyles but if you want to have a natural-looking pretty hairdo you’d better combine your curly hair with long curly side bangs. They never go out of fashion and make curly hair subtler.

Blunt Bangs for Long Layered Hairstylelong layered hairtyle with blunt bangs 2019Long, super straight and sleek layered hairstyles can be fantastically beautified with soft blunt bangs. They are subtle and stylish at the same. Besides being spiffy they also hide your forehead and in case you want bangs to conceal your big forehead you are welcome to opt for blunt bangs.

Side Swept Bangs for Long Hairside swept bangs with long hairWe usually meet side swept bangs in long lengths even with pixie haircuts because they are super in long forms. These tender bangs that are too trendy for 2019 are now meet with various haircuts and women love to style them in different ways.

Long Side Parted Bangs for Long Hairlong side bangs long hair 2019Simple side bangs can make the dull look of your long hairstyle attractive and even seductive. They are very flexible bangs that allow you to get various hairstyles each time you style them. On the other hand those bangs are cozy and give you the opportunity of pining them to a side whenever you need to have your hair out of your face.

Side Bangs for Long HairSide Bangs for Long HairAnother convenient bang hairstyle is the side bangs. These bangs frame your face and bring more femininity in your look. If you like you can create a stunning poof with these long side bangs on the top of your hair.

Long Sleek Side Swept BangsSleek Side-Swept Bangs 2019This is a bit longer than the rest of bang hairstyle represented above. Here you see long healthy locks with sleek side swept bangs that complete the entire look of the hairstyle. It’s a great hairdo as a classy hairstyle to go for in 2019.



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