40 Hottest Hairstyles for 2019

Special for women who are in a search of the latest hairstyles for 2019 we will represent the trendy and the most requested haircuts and hairstyles. Here you will see hairstyle ideas for all types of hair and for all lengths. No matter you have straight or curly hair, these options are available for anyone and they will inspire you for your next haircut. In case you want to change your entire look by a new hairstyle try to find the most suitable idea for your locks. So, let’s start!hairstyles 2019Short Pixie Haircut

The first short pixie haircuts that women started to sport were boyish and a bit harsh. Today they are worn only by women who have too slender and subtle facial features. These haircuts are feminine in fresh delicate hair colors and cute short bangs.short pixie haircut 2019Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Those who want to go for a pixie haircut but need it to be softer choose side swept bangs with it. Side swept bangs are trendy in 2019 and they look well-balanced both with short and long haircuts.pixie haircut with side swept bangs 2019Side Shaved Pixie Haircut

Side shaved haircuts are for ladies who are braved enough to change their entire appearance. This masculine cut is sometimes softened by longer top part which, in its turn, is styled in different ways. On the other hand, hair colorist offer to add a two-tone effect to these haircuts for a more interesting look.side shaved pixie haircut 2019Spiky Pixie Haircut

Though spikes are rather male hairstyles but women with pixie haircuts often go for this style to draw attention. It’s an eye-catching and bold hairdo. You can achieve spikes on your short top part layered cuts.spiky pixie haircut 2019Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

Undercut pixie are very fascinating hairdos for women. They give you many hair styling opportunities. You can go for stylish Mohawk hairstyles and the look will be flashier if you dye your hair in cool hair colors and highlights beforehand.undercut pixie haircut 2019Layered Pixie Haircut

If you have thin hair and wish to get a nice pixie haircut you should go for a layered option. Short layers on the top and in front give your hair visual fullness and volume. Besides you get a flexible haircut which can be styled in various ways.layered pixie haircut 2019Pompadour Pixie Hairstyle

There are many pompadour hairstyles and the ones chosen for short pixie haircuts are lovely and sophisticated. These hairstyles are nicer on two-tone or ombre hair.pompadour pixie haircut 2019Shaggy Pixie Haircut

The shag effect on short hair is usually created due to short layers. They allow you to get a stunning messy hairstyle which is very seductive. You can combine it with messy bangs that beautifully hide your forehead.shaggy pixie haircut 2019Platinum Blonde Pixie Haircut

If you are in a search of a trendy hair color for your short pixie haircut then you’d better choose the tender platinum blonde hue. This shade tends to soften your haircut and adds a feminine touch to it.platinum blonde pixie haircut 2019Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

In order to get a beautiful asymmetrical haircut you need to go for a short cut and combine it with long side bangs. The effect will be closer to half-bob and half-pixie and thus, you will have two hairstyle ideas in one haircut.asymmetrical pixie haircut 2019Pixie Haircut with Highlighted Fringe

Need some refreshment for your short haircut? Add bold or vibrant highlights only to your fringe. The gorgeous style they create on your hair is just incredible and pretty.pixie haircut with highlighted fringe 2019Curly Pixie Haircut

For annoying, long and damaged curls we offer the best and the most stylish solution; just chop them off. This radical transformation will not only refresh your haircut but will also gift you a new, original and even more eye-catching look.curly pixie haircut 2019Grown Out Pixie Haircut

Grown out pixie haircuts are rather feminine because they look like short bobs and are prettier with long side bangs. There are various hair styling ideas for grown put pixies, so you can choose the ones you like most.grown out pixie hairstyle 2019French Bob Haircut

Perhaps the shortest classy bob haircut is the French bob with blunt bangs. This is usually worn on straight hair, no matter it’s thick or thin and is considered as a low-maintenance hairstyle.French bob haircut 2019Short Bob Haircut with Short Bangs

There are types of women who always choose unique and flashy haircuts. One of these haircuts is the short bob along with short bangs. These bangs are cozy as they never annoy you and hardly cover your forehead.short bob with short bangs 2019Short Tapered Bob Haircut

Tapered bob haircut is a good choice for women who like a bit voluminous hairstyles. It’s shorter on the back and frames your face in front providing you with a lovely and girlish look.short tapered bob haircut 2019Bob Haircut with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are today combined mainly with bob haircuts. They complete this short hairstyle and add a mysterious touch to your facial expression. On the other hand, they are great for ladies who want to hide their forehead.bob haircut with blunt bangs 2019Layered Bob Haircut

If women with thick hair pick straight and smooth bob haircuts then thin-haired beauties should go for a layered bob haircut. Layers add volume and depth to any haircut and they are quite attractive on bob hairstyles.layered bob haircut 2019Angled Bob Haircut

The playful angled bob is long on the front part and shorter on back. This hairstyle is very classy and looks better in straight styles. If you like you can combine it with long side bangs.angeled bob haircut 2019Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Ombre is usually considered as a cool style for long locks but the tendency of wearing it on short haircuts is increasing day by day. Nowadays many women with bob haircuts dye their locks in ravishing ombre hair colors.ombre bob hairstyle 2019Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly bobs are the hairstyles that remind us of the popular vintage style. They are very glamorous and fabulous. These hairstyles are very astounding in fresh, glossy and trendy hair colors.curly bob hairstyle 2019Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Whether you have natural wavy or straight hair you are welcome to style your bob in a variety of wavy hairstyles. This super feminine, lovely and youthful hairstyle is for ladies who want to be in the center of attention.wavy bob hairstyle 2019Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

As for asymmetrical bob haircuts we can say that they are too trendy and they are sported both on straight and curly hairstyles. They are beautiful in super sleek classy forms as well as in shaggy street styles.asymmetrical bob haircut 2019Medium Lob Hairstyle

Lob is the stylish long bob haircut which is generally in medium lengths. It is very ravishing in its cute style. Trendy monotone hair colors make lob haircuts more delightful and fresh-looking.medium lob hairstyle 2019Wavy Lob Hairstyle

Here you see simple yet very spiffy wavy lob hairstyle in side parted form. As you see it’s a cute option for young ladies and is natural-looking in medium brown hair color.wavy lob hairstyle 2019Layered Lob Hairstyle

There are types of lob haircuts that are created with long layers. These hardly visible layers add body and texture to lob hairstyles and beautifully frame the face. They sometimes look like long grown out side bangs.layered lob hairstyle 2019Medium Layered Hairstyle

Update your long locks by opting for a gorgeous medium layered hairstyle. Compared with many other layered haircuts medium layered hairstyles are very convenient and give your more hair styling opportunities. They are subtler with side bangs and face framing strands.medium layered haircut 2019Medium Layered Wavy Hairstyle

This shaggy look created on medium layered hairstyle is quite playful for women over 40. It can make them look younger and more attractive. All you need is just styling your fresh-colored hair into a voluminous wavy hairstyle.medium wavy hairstyle 2019Medium Ombre Hairstyle

Are you fond of the ombre style? It’s for any length of hair and if you like you can rock it on your medium straight locks. This style immediately changes your dull hair into a trendy and seductive hairstyle.medium ombre hairstyle 2019Long Sleek Middle Part Hairstyle

Middle part hairstyle are becoming very popular among ladies who have long straight hair. This seek, neat and simple hairdo is very classy and feminine. In spite of being so simple it looks quite pretty.long sleek middle part hair 2019Long Sleek Side Part Hairstyle

For a more attractive look you can choose the elegant sleek side part hairdo. It is cool with subtle makeups and tends to gift you stunning side swept bangs’ effect.long sleek side parted hairstyle 2019Long Layered Hairstyle

If you have long hair and need to make it look healthier you need to go for long layers. Your layered hairstyle is more astounding and gives you the chance of going for different hairstyles from super straight to fantastically curly.long layered hairstyle 2019Long Ombre Hairstyle

As I have already mentioned above ombre is usually considered as a great style for long tresses. Actually ombre hair colors are perfectly reflected on long straight or wavy hairstyles and tend to give your locks more glam touch.long ombre hairstyle 2019Long Side Parted Curly Hairstyle

It is quite easy to create a fabulous side parted curly hairstyle on long hair. The result is festive enough and can be used for special occasions and for formal parties. It has a kind of retro touch in it.long side parted curly hairstyle 2019Retro Finger Waves for Long Hair

Your long, healthy hair is ready to get the most eye-catching and feminine style in it. It’s the retro finger wave hairstyle. This hairstyle is worn on various haircuts from too short to very long but its glamorous effect is felt on long tresses.finger waves for long hair 2019Caramel Highlights for Long Layered Hair

If you already have a long layered hairstyle it’s time to liven it up with trendy caramel highlights. These highlights have light and dark tones that go with many hair colors. They add more dimension and depth to your layered haircut.caramel highlights for long layered hair 2019Long Boho Waves

Boho style is for long hair for sure. It is beat reflected on long tresses and looks perfect in messy styles, if you want to feel the freedom of the bohemian style then often go for boho waves.   long boho wavy hairstyle 2019Long Hairstyle with Side Braids

Side braids or the afro-inspired cornrows are now experimented by many stylish women who have long hair. These asymmetrical look is very engaging and eye-catching. It’s side parted effect is very trendy for 2019.long hairstyle with side braids 2019Long Crimped Hairstyle

No matter you have super smooth or layered hair, you can always rock the trendy crimped hairstyles on your long locks. There are various sizes for crimps and each chooses the styles that she likes.runway crimped hairstyle 2019Long Side Fishtail Braid

It goes without saying that side braids are ideal for long hair. They are girlish, seductive and full of attractiveness. Taking into account the fact that fishtail braids are trendy in 2019 you may often opt for a side messy fishtail braid for your long hair.side fishtail 2019So, these trendy hairstyles for 2019 are the latest options collected from fashion shows and taken from celebrity styles. Be inspired for 2019.



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