2019 Winter Hairstyle Ideas

Though we are not going to offer you new hairstyles that differ from the ones you wear in summer but there are some better ideas for winter that are more suitable for cold weather. Some winter hairstyle ideas are perfect for girls who love to wear hats and scarves. Here collected hairstyles ideas for winter will also give you ideas to protect your hair and your scalp from damaging. Have a look at them and discover the best winter hairstyles for 2019.

Loose High Bun Hairstyleloose high bun hairstyle winter 2019We often choose the tight high bun hairstyle for hot days as it’s a comfy hairdo and protects our nape from getting sweat. As for winter we may go for a looser high bun hairdo which will keep or neck and ears warmer. This hairstyle is very convenient and looks quite girlish, pretty and lovely. It’s a bit messy and this messiness provides us with a glam look.

Long Straight Hairstyle with Headbandlong straight hair with headband 2019If you use a headband for cold days then you may leave your hair is a loose straight form. This classy hairstyle will also keep your ears warm. As a result you will get a combination of the useful and the beautiful.

Messy Curly Hairstylemessy curly hairstyle winter 2019For long and medium hair messy curls is always great. This hairstyle is very feminine and it’s a convenient one for casual days. It is another “warm” hairstyle that shows off the charm of your hair. If you have long bangs you can pi it to a side for a younger and more playful look.

Milkmaid Braided Updo Hairstylemilkmaid braided updo 2019The gorgeous milkmaid braided updo is now a trendy hairstyle which is very suitable for winter. Each time you think of a tight and classy hairdo for your long lock s you can consider the Dutch inspired milkmaid brad hairstyle. It’s great for windy and humid days as well as for special events. Due to its neat nature it brings out your face shape and face features and creates a glam crown on the top part of your hair.

Pigtail Braids for Winterpigtail braids 2019As we often wear a hat in winter we may rely on the youthful pigtail braids for our second day hair. This braided hairstyle loos perfect with hats and is cozy for messy hair.

Silver Hair Color for Wintersilver hair color for winter 2019Let’s have much fun with our hair color. Matching the season with the shade we can go for an icy silver hair color. Today this is a trendy hair color and many dye their long locks in a shiny silver. You may change your entire look in 2019 wearing a stunning hue of silver.

Loose Wavy Hairstylewavy hat hairstyle 2019Easy, chic and very delightful hairstyle for winter is the following loose wavy hairdo. Due to the fresh blonde shade your hair will look healthier and nicer. You can wear this hairstyle in everyday life as well as for formal occasions. Wearing a hat you will protect your scalp from damaging. So, try to look pretty in winter 2019.



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