2019 Two-Tone Braided Hairstyles for Young Ladies

When I write about braided hairstyles I often mention that they are prettier on colored hair especially when the thing is about two-tone hair colors. Any braided hairstyle looks very subtle, eye-catching and fascinating in two-tone effect. It seems as if you have reasonably colored your hair the way that it could be perfectly reflected on your braided hairstyle. Now, let’s see some of the most beautiful two-tone braided hairstyles for 2019.

Two-Tone French Braided Updotwo-tone side french braid 2019This delicate hairstyle in light blonde and pastel lavender hair color is very spiffy in a classy French updo hairstyle. You can achieve it on your medium or long hair and match with a romantic dress. If you like you can leave some cute strands out of the updo to frame your face beautifully.

Two-Tone Fishtail Braidtwo-tone fishtail braid 2019If you have dark hair and want to liven up your dull fishtail braid you may add another shade to your locks. It is recommended to go for vibrant hair colors for a more eye-catching look. This simple hairstyle will be more delightful in a sweet pink, purple, peach or green shade.

Two-Tone Braded Ponytail Hairstyletwo-tone braided ponytail 2019As recently many girls go for the trendy ombre style which provides you with well-balanced tow-tone hair color you can easily create a stunning braided ponytail which will bring out two shades of your hair in a perfect way. Having your roots in a brown and the ends in a light blonde shade you will get a fantastic hair color matching for various hairstyles. Try to braid your hair into a reverse French braid and or a side French braid and then create a high ponytail hairstyle.

Two-Tone Reverse Braided Bun Hairstylereverse braided bun hairstyle ombre 2019Another way to bring out your ombre hair color is the reverse braided bun hairstyle. Here you need to style a French reverse braid and then create a bun hairstyle with the rest of your locks. The effect will be quite obvious and you’ll surely love the way it looks.

Two-Tone Waterfall Braid Hairstyletwo-tone waterfall braid 2019Whether you have long straight or curly hair you can opt for the lovely waterfall braid for prom. This hairstyle is more playful in two-coloring and the options are many for young ladies who want to rock it in a colored way. You can go for pastel two-tone shades if you have blonde hair or you may match your dark hair with a light blonde hair color. The result is very tender in both cases. So, the choice is up to you.

Two-Tone Pigtail Braidstwo-tone pigtail braids 2019As pigtail braids are very trendy in 2019 you are welcome to wear it in a more stylish way. You can choose fishtail for your pigtail braid and this hairdo will show off the two shades of your hair. It’s a great way to look both pretty and fashionable. In case you have layers you may leave them to frame your lovely face.

Two-Tone French Braidtwo-tone french braid 2019The simple French braid is now provided in a marvelous way. Here you see it in a dark brown and light blonde hair color combination which creates a spiffy image for the hairdo. This hairstyle is a unique one and tends to bring out your stunning hair colors.




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