2019 Summer Celebrity Best Hair Highlights

There are numerous hair coloring options you can experiment and look special. Among celebrity fashion styles we find pretty creative interpretations of hair coloring with bright and vivid shades to soft pastel colors. Many fashion icons choose two of coloring option which can be ombre or highlights. As the ombre isn’t common to wear nowadays, I suggest you check out these amazing 2019 summer celebrity hair highlights that you can take as an inspiration for upcoming year.2019 Summer Celebrity Best Hair Highlights

Summer days are always about having fun with fresh and creative styling ideas. There are many ways to change your image but the best way is refresh the color of your hair. I will guarantee that your look will be changed instantly and you will have amazing summer image. Following celebrity hair highlights can allow us to learn which of hair color combo are still common and which of them are already out of fashion.

Best Hair Highlights for long hair Talking about popular hair highlights, we can’t forget about blonde base with chocolate brown color option that creates high contrasting look. The golden tunes of the blonde and brunette combo suit warm skin tones. This combo will look the best for light golden hair which has level 7. You can rock it with wet finger wavy hairstyle, perfectly matching glam touch for hot summer season.

Amber Heard

Next year natural looking styles will continue to be the main trend. Keep your natural hair color and add some light highlights to bring softer and elegant touch to the look.Rosie Huntington 2019 Hair Highlights

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

If you hair color base is blonde, you will never get wrong with both light and dark highlights. Make your blonde more gorgeous by adding some taupe hair highlights to it.Charlize Theron - Summer Hair 2019Charlize Theron

One of the most popular hair color combo is shades of blonde with brown highlights. Chocolate brown will be the best combo with dark, sandy or golden blonde creating high contrast of two colors. This hair coloring options will be trendy for the next summer as it looks natural and relaxed.
Emily Blunt Hair Highlights 2019

Emily Blunt

Blonde is problematic hair color and if you think it doesn’t work good for your skin tone, just make sure the bleached brown is more dominant than shades of blonde.



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