2019 Short Spiky Hairstyles for Women

Today with the popularity of short haircuts women are also looking for new styling ideas. If before they could leave their haircut the way it is now they find it quite necessary to style as  there are really fantastic hairstyle ideas for styling short haircuts. Stealing males’ hairstyles we, women do our best to create subtler hairdos and to make them look feminine. Spiky hairstyles are one of the men’s favorite hairstyles but women also wear them using such tricks that ca add a delicate touch to it. So, in this article we’ll discuss several most popular short spiky hairstyles for 2019. If you already have a short pixie haircut or a grown out pixie you will find some interesting hair styling solutions for your hair.

Short Undercut Hairstyle with Spikesshort undercut hairstyle spiky 2019Let’s start discussing this hairstyle from its hair color. As you see it’s a combo of white blonde and peachy pastel shade. These two hair colors are too subtle and as a result they make the hairstyle quite feminine in spite of the fact that its ultra- short on sides. On the other hand the longer top part provides with volume and softness. It’s cool especially in spike style and is a trendy one to copy in 2019.

Spiky Mohawk Hairstyle in Vibrant Purple Shadespiky mohawk hairstyle 2019This is a unique Mohawk hairstyle for women. As you see in this case also hair color plays a great role. The vibrant purple shade which is very stylish these days changes the simple spiky hairstyle into a tenderer and more eye-catching one. It’ a bold hairstyle for special occasions and is prefect with the right chosen makeup.

Short Spiky Hairstyle with Highlights short spiky hairstyle with highlights 2019Another great way to add attractiveness and tenderness to your short spiky haircut is the highlighting technique. With the help of some stunning highlights you will not only add dimension, depth and freshness to your hair but will also make it look more beautiful. You can add highlights even on your bangs for a more astounding effect.

Short Spiky Haircut with Top Volumeshort spiky hairstyle with top volume 2019Keeping the top part a bit voluminous will change your dull haircut into a refreshed and fascinating one. These spikes are ideal for the top part and look better with some cool highlights on the ends. The following hairstyle is a hot one for the majority of black women who want to go for a short haircut.

Grown Out Spiky Pixie Haircutshort blonde spiky hairstyle 2019If your pixie is already grown out don’t worry, you can still style it in a trendy hairstyle like the shown spiky hairstyle. In this case you create pikes not only on the top part but on the sides as well.

Short Spiky Hairstyle in Bronze Hair Colorshort spikey hairstyle in bronze shade 2019Bronze is a glossy and very flashy shade for female hair. It makes the gloomy look of your hairstyle very shiny and healthy. As for short spiky cuts it’s a gorgeous hair color and tends to bring a feminine touch even to super short haircuts.



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