2019 Short Bob Haircuts

If you are a kind of woman who is always in a search of a haircut that is neither too short nor long then the bob haircut is for you. This is something between pixie and medium length hairstyles and is very convenient for any season and for anywhere. Have a look at our collection of short bob haircuts for 2019 and decide which one is the best for you.

Short Blunt Bob with Short BangsShort Blunt Bob with Short BangsThis is a stylish bob haircut that many consider as a classy Parisian style. It’s quite flashy due to the chosen short bangs that hide the forehead partially and allow your eyes to pop out. As a cool hairstyle for teenagers short blunt bob is a great choice.

Tapered Bob Haircuttapered bob haircut 2019When you are thinking of a bob haircut but you also worry that it won’t look spiffy because of the thinness of your hair you may consider the trendy tapered bob haircut. This makes your thin hair look fuller and adds a kind of visual depth to your hairstyle.

Choppy Bob Haircutchoppy bob haircut 2019Choppy bob haircut, in its turn, is for thick hair. It will make your hairstyle lighter and will refresh it. Besides being o cozy it’s also very attractive for any woman.

Short Bob with Shaved Backshort bob with shaved back 2019Though shaved hairstyles are far from looking feminine but they are in great demand in 2019. We mostly see side shaved pixie haircut but the short bob with shaved back or shaved nape is a new hair styling idea. It add edginess to your look and makes you stand out from the crowd.

60’s Inspired Bob Haircut60's inspired bob 2019Need an inspiration from the astounding fashion of the 60’s? Try this cool short bob haircut with side bangs and add a touch of modernity with a trendy blonde, red or brunette hair color. You know how to attract people around you.

Short Wavy Bob Haircutshort wavy bob haircut 2019Waves that add more volume and dimension to any hairstyle are great to match with short bob haircuts. The result I appealing enough and unlike many other short boyish bob haircuts it has a subtleness in it.

Short Curly Bob Haircutshort curly bob haircut 2019As for curly hair you can do lots of things to beautify it. Refreshing curls by chopping them off is now popular and quite stylish. Those who seek for more attention and want to show off the prettiness of their luscious locks are welcome to pick the cute short bob for it.



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