2019 Runway Side Swept Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

When side swept bangs become so popular the majority of women started to style different side swept hairstyles inspired by the 80’s style. This new trend is so flexible that it is seen on loose hairstyles as well as on updo hairdos.side hairstyles 2019 Stylish girls even opt for various side parted braided hairstyles that are prefect for long hair. In this article we’ll discuss trendy long side swept hairstyles for 2019. Here you will see not only side swept bangs but also different side hairstyles for all hair types.Messy Hairstyle with Long side Swept BangsMessy runway style with side swept bangs 2019Long bangs that seem to be the continuation of a layered hairstyle or look just as a layers are the most convenient bangs to pull to a side and create a perfect side swept hairstyle. They are gorgeous with long hairstyles and are more eye-catching in messy forms.

Side Parted Low Ponytailside parted low ponyail hairstyle 2019This low ponytail in a cute side swept style is again a messy and easy hairstyle to rock on casual days. It’s cozy and very beautiful for long hairstyles. If you like you can curl the ends of your hair for a subtler look but if you, too, are fond of messy hairstyle you may leave it in its messy form.

Side Swept Hairstyle with Braidsside swept hairstyle with braidDifferent braids can help you get a stunning side swept hairstyle. All you need is just braiding one side of your hair and leaving the next side in its loose style. The most popular and suitable braid for an ideal side parted hairstyle is the French braid. So, if you know how to braid a French braid then you can achieve this hairstyle by yourself.

Side Swept Long Sleek Hairstyleside swept straight sleek hairstyle 2019Long, thin and sleek hair is too easy to style into a subtle side swept hairstyle particularly if it’s in a healthy and shiny state. You just need to brush your hair and bring either to a side or pull a huge part of your hair to the opposite side of your head and tuck under behind your ear. Even if you don’t have bangs this will provide you with faux bangs.

Shaggy Side Swept Lob Hairstyleside swept shaggy lob hairstyle 2019As for a medium length lob hairstyle you can style it into a shaggy hairdo for a more eye-catching and seductive look. This hot hairstyle is astounding especially with long side bangs.

Low Ponytail with Side Pinned Long Bangsside swept pinned bangs 2019Whether it is a fake or areal long bangs hairstyle you can pin it to a side with a stylish hair accessory and combine with a low ponytail.

Side Swept Boho Hairstyleside swept boho hairstyle 2019Though boho waves are cool for any season but sometimes they may annoy you on windy days. To avoid this you may pin a huge part of your waves to a side in a lovely way o that this will look delicate and pretty.

Side Braidside swept braided hairstyle 2019Long hair is easy to bring to a side and braid into a lose braid. It’s one of the easiest yet sophisticated hairstyles to wear in everyday life and at office.



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