2019 Natural Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

Why do we offer much more natural looks today? Because beauty is hidden behind simplicity. Besides hair is less damaged when you seldom use hair styling tools and products and prefer your natural hair more. Here are represented natural hairstyle ideas for black women to try in 2019. If you are a black woman and are in a search of a cool hairstyle then have a look at these trendy options.

Ombre Hairstyleombre curly hairstyles for black women 2019Black women with long curly hair sometimes don’t want to change the length of it but still need some fresh touch. The latest ombre hair coloring is a good idea for black hair. Combining this dark shade with warm blonde hue you can get a stunning hairstyle. You’ll surely love the result and the attractiveness of your new look.

Bantu Knots for Black Womenbantu knots for black women 2019Bantu knots are very popular among black women and they are cozy for natural curly hair and are perfect for hot summer months. As you see it is a favorite hairstyle of celebrities and looks both eye-catching and unique.

Long Braided Hairstyle for Black Womenlong braided hairstyle for black women 2019If many try simple braided hairstyle then these afro-braids are ideal just for thick long hair. Compared with the common braided hairstyles this one is, of course, flashier and more stunning.

Side Shaved Hairstyle in Blondeside shaved hairstyle for back women 2019Side shaved haircuts are now popular not only among men but also among women. They are too short at the sides and have a voluminous top part.  Black women may dye the top part in a trendy shade of blonde to soften their short boyish hairstyle.

Twist Updo for Black Womentwist updo for black women 2019This party hairstyle is easy to achieve on afro-hair. You need to section your locks and tightly twist into cute twists that create a unique design on your head. Then you should style a high updo and beautify it with a colorful hair accessory.

Finger Coils for Black Womenfinger coils for black women 2019Finger coils are small cute curls that are special for black women. This is a great hairstyle for parties and is prettier with a stylish accessory.

Red Hair Color for Black Womenred natural hair for black women 2019Another trendy hair color for black women is the hot red shade. It’s a fantastic hue to make you stand out from the crowd and to draw attention.

The above shown hairstyles are now the most requested hairdos for black women. Every hairstyle is original in its style and differs from the rest of hairstyles that we see every day.



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